July 6 2020

Bathed in the moonlight Her footsteps walk gently on the forest floor The sweet summer breezes blowing through the pines


July 5 2020

I slept during firework hours, I would wake up from time to time from the loud explosions. Once when I woke I thought about our turbulent times, and how people were celebrating something and enjoying the festivities, I fell back asleep with warmth in my heart.


July 4 2020

True freedom is seeing the world as it is, it’s being free from the ideas that shackle us. May today be a true independence day where you breathe the moments and drink the time, free of notions that bind and cause suffering. Happy independence day.


June 30 2020

Reaching the threshold into the abyss, I took that final step through the gate. There I became all the stars in the heavens & every beating heart. I became the sound of laughter & every falling tear. As the tears flowed, I knew clearly they weren’t mine alone.


June 29 2020

My darling, in this grain of dust I have entered. Here I have found the sea of light, oh how it shines so bright in the gleam of your eyes.


June 28 2020

The sound of rain on my window.


June 27 2020

I didn’t know it then… And, in those days the time passed by as though a dream. I breathed in the time, and the fleeting wind. I look at my withered hands and count the sands of time.


June 21 2020

This world is whatever we choose it to be. We dream it into existence. What world will we dream of today? I can turn on the news and see one reality of chaos, or step into nature and see peace. Which reality is real? You can choose your reality. It’s in your hands.


June 19 2020

The sleeping dragon yawns at first light

Heaven and earth reverberate, lightning cracks

It’s not what you think

That’s it, that’s all

The sound of laughter fills the air


June 18 2020

The river of time moves, having no beginning or end. It is ungraspable and cannot be found. All that ever was, is what this moment is now, all that will ever be, emanates from what is now. Past, present, and future, a lovely idea.


June 18 2020

It’s just another night basking in the glow of ancient starlight. Come morning the radiance of the sun will light the way, but for now I swim in a sea of diamonds.


June 18 2020

Let there be magic


Date unknown

Summers last kiss


June 16 2020

She dreams in the deep

From the dark places she does not hide

She greets them with a smile

All covered in stardust

Her footprints glow on the shores of time


June 15 2020

In the deep green

she dreams

The stormy night

of minds phantasms

Until at last From her slumber

She should awaken


June 13 2020

The sweet grasses of a summer breeze glow with delight. These bits of radiance come and go, but if you look you will find them.


June 13 2020

Sometimes if you are very quiet in nature it is almost as though you can see every leaf and blade of grass. When you let go, you can take in the totality.


June 13 2020

Whatever you do

do it with all of your heart

This moment wont come twice


Date unknown

Finding me

Somewhere in the depths of my being
I know I will find me there
I have been looking for so long
The all encompassing silence deafens my ears
The mind moves without end
I looked for the door to where I could find me

Every time I found me
I lost me again

I was untraceable

Like a crack in the universe
My heart began to open

I looked up towards the blazing sun
I touched my hand on the solid earth

The beating of my heart
Became the sound of a million suns

The me that I was looking for disappeared


June 10 2020

“The universe plays the heart of the songbird”.

June 09 2020

Fire of the heart
Born of the universe
She breathes the cosmos
and sips the time
The notes of her emotion
resound throughout the heavens
Radiant starlight
Reflecting her heart
She rests at ease in her starry embrace
Sleeping in the fire of cosmic breath


June 7 2020

As the sun gives way to a sky full of stars, a lone bird song fills the air. She says, “Just this, just now, in this moment my heart brimming with resplendent joy, until tomorrow goodnight”.


June 7 2020

Busily running around the world she goes with eyes closed. She passes by the beautiful places, seeing them not. If one day she should rest a while, a world of beauty would unfold.


June 7 2020

Sometimes you might be the only one in the world who will ever see that one moment of beauty.


June 6 2020

This threshold you labored to cross never existed
Oh how you labored to reach the gate that never was
This diamond light shining from your eyes making it clear as day
The sound of laughter fills the air



This steam rises slowly from my cup
Water born from the cosmos, oceans and rivers
I am here, just breathing in the timelessness
I take a sip of eternity


This moment will surely change, this I know.

The clouds become flowers, fields of wheat, and beating hearts.

how wonderous impermanence is.

Without change things would not be as they are.


June 02 2020

Looking up at a dark night sky you can see a river of stars that make up the band of the Milky Way Galaxy. How fitting it is to see this river of flowers born from the dust of ancient starlight.


June 02 2020

These grains of you and me shining in the sunlight of timelessness. The waves of cosmic movement lapping the shores of eternity.

May 31 2020

Children at play on this mote of dust.

Star beams wander waiting to be heard.

Thunderous waves crash through the heart of the universe.

Cosmic melodies playing their notes on the strings of time.

The deafening instrument of silence resounding throughout heaven and earth.

May 31 2020

Night after night she sets the sky on fire. She speaks without words, but few listen. For how long has she been speaking? Since before time.


May 30 2020

This morning the skies are alive with the sounds of thunder and the occasional crack of lighting. What surprised me the most was the birds are still singing and squirrels still chattering playfully. Even with these dark skies, there is still a joyful celebration of life.


May 30 2020

I am you and you are me
We are born from the dust of stars
We were forged in the heart of the earth
And the farthest reaches of space
I am not your enemy, nor you mine


May 29 2020

Where can this moment be found? Look closely try to find it. The instant you find this moment it will have already slipped from your grasp

Just like time, matter is in constant flux from being in a state of creation, or decay. Matter is never static, and it can never be the same from one moment to the next.

In this law of nature where can a “something” be found?

Matter just like time when looked at closely cannot be found. However looking even more closely you will find that one grain of dust contains within it the whole of existence. It’s not that matter does not exist, it’s only what we think about it that removes it from reality.

Our ideas tint the world like sunglasses. Ideas can be likened to clouds in the sky. They are in constant motion & transformation, the sky is unaffected by those clouds. They pass unhindered. If we can see the world like the sky sees the clouds it will become diamond bright.

To see the world as it is, rather than how we “think” it is, is the real treasure.


May 28 2020

This moment is a miracle. There is beauty all around us. You only have to look at your own hand to see it. Feel the precious beat of your own heart, it is miraculous. There is pain in the world but there is so much more that that. Look for the light, and you will find it.


May 28 2020

This moment is a miracle. There is beauty all around us. You only have to look at your own hand to see it. Feel the precious beat of your own heart, it is miraculous. There is pain in the world but there is so much more that that. Look for the light, and you will find it.


May 28 2020

If we just had the eyes to see, we would see that everything is made from the dust of stars. How magnificent this world shines. There are no ordinary moments.


May 27 2020

Visiting a place for the first time, you see it exactly as it is with nothing added, It’s fresh. After a time, your ideas, thoughts and emotions are added to what you see around you, and then you no longer see it exactly as it is. After that it is part mental image.


May 26 2020

Home is where the heart is. We live in a sea of stars. Magnificent!


May 25 2020

Time moves

Melodies of moments long past linger
Sweet and fragrant like spring

Winds of change stirring the phantasms of yesterday
Like wind moving leaves in the fall

Written in the lines, and the glimmer of my eyes
Read by the smile in my heart


May 25 2020

Shine beautifully just as you are.


May 25 2020

We live in the vastness of space, every night if the skies are clear we have the chance to see it with our own eyes. Filling our hearts with awe & wonder as we look out at the grand mystery. Stars, Planets, & galaxies shining like diamonds, how wonderous!


May 24 2020

They seem so ordinary we step on them kick them and often pay them no mind. But rocks are spectacular. If you pick up a pebble it could be millions of years old smelted in the heart of the earth made from the dust of stars. Nothing on this earth is ordinary.


May 23 2020

Let your heart be light. Let it flow with the movement of the wind.


May 23 2020

These dreams are ever changing
I try to hold them but they become something else
Not quite ever slipping away
But always becoming something new
That something new is ever changing
When will I let go and just be with what is


May 22 2020

No matter what the world brings you, whether it be darkness or light, just keep shining. Let your actions be moved by your heart.


April 24 2020

Wandering hearts move with the wind, and celebrate the sky embracing eternal change.


April 23 2020

Today is a precious gift, may all of us live it to the fullest. Hold your loved ones close, never leave anything unsaid. Show kindness when you can. Love with all of your heart, and appreciate every breath. Life is beautiful.


April 23 2020

The haunting beauty of this world turning in the vastness of space, how seldom we remember where we are. My feet firmly planted on this earth, my heart as vast as the sky. With the beat of this cosmic heart, I smile. How wonderous it is to be alive.


April 21 2020

The clouds pass through the vast sky changing from one form to the next. They do not hold onto their forms, they express freely and joyfully. Their beauty shining for all to see.


April 19 2020

The stars just keep shining, in their new forms…..


April 19 2020

Like a firework, we are born into this world we are beautiful, and we shine bright. Impermanence gives everything that lives and is breakable its preciousness. Life is fragile and fleeting. What a gift it is to burst forth into this life and experience all of its colors.


April 18 2020

Our hearts are in pain, we’re all struggling. But there’s still so much beauty in the world, it’s shining all around us. Sometimes we have to take a moment to touch the beautiful and the vast. Sometimes we have to just let go & breathe, it heals the soul.


April 17 2020

Will anyone be able to read the depths of my heart
Will you feel the stars in cosmic array
Will you feel the multitudes of beings in expression
Hopes and dreams pouring through like a thunderous wave
Will you see the lamp of life in this grain of sand


April 17 2020

These days, they are like the leaves of fall
So beautiful, so temporary
For this short time shining bright
We bask in the splendor of each passing moment
How wonderous it is to be alive
The shoots of spring become the leaves of fall
But for today, I am shining


April 17 2020

Dawning the flight of a thousand birds
My heart sets free on the melodies of cosmic movement
Bursting through the heavens in starlight splendor
I take this breath



Date unknown

A still heart and mind reflects the world exactly as it is
Our thoughts are like ripples on the water that distort the image it reflects
When the image is distorted you cant see the reflection in it’s true form
But once the water is still it reflects beautifully


Date unknown

Jewel scattered dreams
Line the heavens
Cast your line

Let these star beams walk
Let them play
Among the scattered suns of heaven

Melodies of time
Crashing like waves

Moonbeams flow in silence
These dreams
Time without beginning

I cast my line


Date unknown

She falls gently to the earth
Dancing beautifully

Bursting with the colors of Autumn
She does not cry

Gently she rests on the soils of rebirth
At the roots of the mother

The flux of time
The heart of the mother beats

Cradled in the arms of infinite transformation
She surrenders freely


Date unknown

From the darkness and damp
She reaches for the light

Reaching her arms out in all directions
In the underworld

One day
She breaks the soil

Gently she dances
In the soft light of the sun

These are the last days
Of winters dark

One by one
The seeds of spring awaken

To this joyous day
They break the soil

These are the first days
Of springs light


April 17 2020

There is an underlying clarity to the moment
The ground of being is immutable
The light is inextinguishable
It’s a matter of mind.


April 16 2020

Truth is to be found nowhere but right here. Right in the midst of action, right in the midst of sorrow and joy. It just is as it is. This moment is dynamic, it contains within it the whole. There’s nothing that needs to be done, just this moment.


April 16 2020

Cosmic elements arranging joyfully.


April 15 2020

Turning in the vastness of space.
One dot among many in a sea of stars.
I gaze in awe and wonder.
My star dust eyes reflecting ancient light.
Among these glittering stars of heaven,
who is seeing who?


April 15 2020

The beat of her heart in time with her wings. A little closer to heaven, she flies free. Drafting the currents with ease she finds no hindrance. She reads the voice of the wind, it is the sound of her own heart. A language understood without sound.


April 13 2020

Went out into the woods to breathe the cool night air. The stars are shining so bright tonight. The smell of spring is in the air.


April 13 2020

Sometimes we just have to let go and surrender, to what we can’t control.


April 10 2020

There was this feeling today that I couldn’t quite place. It was the spring feeling in the air & more, it felt like a time from long ago as a child. I realized what it was. When I was little we were poor & times were simpler & more down to earth. That’s what this feeling is.

In our modern way of life we have become spoiled, and wasteful. Back when I was a child and poor we lived out of our garden, and fished. We were so happy. Times were so much simpler and so much more meaningful. I think we have lost some of that in our busy lives.


April 10 2020

Sitting outside getting my vitamin D, closing my eyes, I could hear the wind coming from far away traveling through the trees. I could feel the soft sun on my skin and feel the gentle wind blow through my hair. The sounds of bird song filled the air, & the smell of wood smoke.


April 7 2020

pre-corona- when I dropped food on the counter I tossed it. Now I don’t clean my counters w toxins just soap & water. If I drop something on the counter, I still use it. Every drop of food is precious. I think of all the times I wasted, while others in the world were hungry.


April 7 2020

Though we walk in the darkest of nights
Crystal hearts shine like the sun
Compassion and love overcome fear
Our starry eyes filled with tears for the love of man
Cosmic hearts surrender joining hands
Let us walk as one in the light of love
We will get through this friends


April 6 2020

May hope be ever present in the hearts of the weary. This too shall pass.


April 5 2020

Here’s to looking up, let’s keep our hope alive & keep a dream in our hearts. Let’s look to see how we are part of something vast. Let’s allow our breath to be taken away one more time as we look up at the vast night sky.


April 5 2020

Shadows can only exist when light is present.


April 4 2020

Sometimes shafts of light reach even in the darkest places.
Sometimes you have to go looking for them.


April 3 2020

Even during times of suffering & unimaginable pain, beauty does not cease to shine. Whether from the heart of man or in nature. Even while in the midst of pain keep one foot grounded on this beautiful Earth. Let the love in your heart continue to burn ever stronger.


April 2 2020

Out of the darkness
A light is shining

The heart of man
Cannot be dimmed

Though the heavens cry
The stars shine still

Fear turns to love
Sorrow to hope

We walk as many
You are not alone

The stars do not cease
In the beat of your weary heart


April 2 2020

We will overcome this
Though the storms rage
And the dark night is long
Every storm comes to an end
Every dark night ends
With the promise of a new day
Let us lend our hearts to the world
The light is just on the horizon
Just a little bit longer friends
Let us join hearts as one


March 31 2020

Let us see through
These starlight eyes

Let this cosmic
Heart beat

Let these oceans rain
Let these sun beams fall

Let us rest in this ancient
Moonlight embrace


March 31 2020

Out of the darkens
A light is shining

The heart of man
Cannot be dimmed

Though the heavens cry
The stars shine still

Fear turns to love
Sorrow to hope

We walk as many
You are not alone

The stars do not cease
In the beat of your weary heart


March 29 2020

A walk in the cool rain should clear things up.


March 22 2020

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Never be afraid to love with all your heart. Love by the way you walk, love by the way you breathe, love by the way you see. The world so very much needs love.


March 22 2020

Never be afraid to do what feels right in your heart even if it makes you look bad. We don’t always get a second chance, so do what your heart calls you to do.


March 01 2020

March 26 2020
Cries are heard
From across the land
Friends are hurt
The night is long
No respite in sight
Who will carry the wounded
Who will sooth them
The heavens embrace
Is no consolation
Starlit hearts
Cry out
Into this long night


March 02 2020

Starless night
I can’t find the words

The bright moon
Is lost in the clouds

Who will wipe the tears
Of the weary

On this long night


January 18 2020

Made of the mother
Radiant stars Oceans of time
Sun & air coursing through our veins
I smile the smile of the mother
She is who I am
Plowed fields of yesterday knitted together as me
Made of the mother
My feet touch the earth
My heart touches the sky


Date unknown


A cold chill in the air
Mother has bundled me all up
Holding Mom’s hand we walk
I stop often picking up a leaf
I kick them and play as I walk
Splendid is the season
Fall brings so many memories
The smells
The vivid colors
The world is bathed in a glow
The heart soars


Date unknown


Time where can I find it? Where can I hold it? Time….
There it is, let’s grasp it, darn it’s already gone.
Time won’t you hold still?
I’m trying to see you.
Time is change, said time.
You cant hold me, because I never stay the same.
Everything is in motion and transformation
This is time.
If you want to see me, be still.