The power to make change is in our hands

Hello friends. I want to tell you, never lose hope, don’t allow hopelessness to sink in. Times are crazy right now for sure, climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet, we are on the cusp of war. But take heart, we have the power to fix this. We are...Read more

Let’s save our planet

If it wasn’t for the 1% we wouldn’t be killing the innocent in wars, our planet wouldn’t be burning to the ground. I have always believed we should do things the peaceful way. I 100% see the possibility of how we could solve this through the power of our democracy....Read more

Letter: sent to forest service USDA

Introduction I wrote this letter in regards to an article that I read this morning regarding a rule change that would open up logging in one of our old growth forests. This is the article that I read. Letter: In Regards to the rule change proposal I would like to...Read more