Here I will post videos that I took while out appreciating the beautiful world we live in.

July 3 2020

I visited the soulmate trees again today. I put together some better pictures this time, being in their presence is really beautiful. I hope all of you have a beautiful day filled with love and wonder.


June 26 2020

This is a low quality video, I made this just for fun. It is fog rolling across the lake on my early morning walk.


June 26 2020

Life is beautiful


June 21 2020

The world passes me by, but oh look how I shine.


June 16 2020

Grounded and rooted together, they grow while giving one another space to stand tall. For how long will these two stand side by side? A pine and a Cedar standing like soulmates roots intertwined, for as long as conditions allow. How is true love defined?



June 09 2020

Today I went for a walk down by the bay in the pouring rain. It was so lovely out.


June 04 2020

I went for a walk down by the bay, it was sunny and lovely. There were flowers as far as the eyes could see.


June 03 2020

There is so much chaos in the world I felt the need to go look for something beautiful. I decided to set out in search of flowers. I was not disappointed in the least. I happened upon an old quarry that was filled to the brim with flowers.


Date unknown

I took these pictures down by the bay. I loved the way the sun made the water glint like diamonds.