Open Letter, regarding Covid19 in our vulnerable population

I am reaching out to you regarding Covid19, and how we may be able to save the lives of many in our vulnerable population. As you may have heard there are several strains emerging that are resistant to antibodies, as well as the vaccine. Luckily the vaccine is not our...Read more

Hypoxia mystery in Coronavirus patients

Updated April, 13 2020 2:32pm I ran across this question posed by Cameron Kyle-Sidelle, MD, he presents a mystery in why we are seeing Hypoxia in patients that do not present with normal ARDS symptoms. He is asking for the medical and scientific community to come together to solve this mystery....Read more

The Cytokine connection in Coronavirus deaths

A pattern seems to be emerging in those who succumb to COVID19. It seems that there is a cytokine response connection in every case. This being said, cytokines are the real killer when it comes to this virus. The virus infection process has been broken down into three stages. Stage...Read more

Fueling your body to fight COVID-19

(This is an article in progress. I am posting what I have as I compile it so you can have the information right away. I will update it daily, and remove this when it is complete.)  SARS-COV-2 infects the body in three stages. This information can be helpful as a...Read more

Athletes and the coronavirus Cytokine connection

I keep seeing stories of runners and athletes who are succumbing to the Coronavirus and ending up on ventilators. It is time for MD’s to make the cytokine connection so we can alert the public potentially saving lives. I spent a great deal of time researching natural foods and supplements...Read more

Cytokine modulating foods and supplements

In this article I have attempted to list foods that have compounds proven through scientific study to modulate the Cytokine response, have immune modulating qualities, and are also anti-virals, possibly preventing a cytokine storm. For each compound listed I include multiple studies. What I  have found to be a common...Read more