Silencing the world through fear

Two of the greatest weapons of our time are censorship, and social engineering. We are living in a time where even a standing President of the Untied States of America, can be censored and silenced. Any representative, doctor, or scientist who speaks his mind or steps out of the current...Read more

Those sickened by Covid vaccine, ask to be heard

Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference on June 28th allowing families who have had adverse reactions to the vaccines, a platform to tell their stories. He explains that he is not anti-vaccine, or anti-science, and feels the vaccines are necessary for ending the pandemic, but that we should not...Read more

Ivermectin war & the silencing of science

There is a war taking place as we speak. This war is being fought by Doctors and scientists all around the world in a literal fight to save lives. Big interests and pharmaceutical companies are suppressing science. We are living in times where the media, and select organizations can tell...Read more

Open Letter, regarding Covid19 in our vulnerable population

I am reaching out to you regarding Covid19, and how we may be able to save the lives of many in our vulnerable population. As you may have heard there are several strains emerging that are resistant to antibodies, as well as the vaccine. Luckily the vaccine is not our...Read more

Seeing things as they are

Some months ago, while driving up the road to my house, I was suddenly struck by the beauty of the trees. How long had it been since I’d really seen them? I still remember the first time I drove down this road when I was looking to buy my home....Read more

Chosen darkness among the flowers

When I woke up this morning I could barely move. I had worked really hard yesterday. But, I decided that today I wanted to go out and find wild flowers, not to pick them, just to see them. There is so much chaos in our world right now, I just...Read more

Hypoxia mystery in Coronavirus patients

Updated April, 13 2020 2:32pm I ran across this question posed by Cameron Kyle-Sidelle, MD, he presents a mystery in why we are seeing Hypoxia in patients that do not present with normal ARDS symptoms. He is asking for the medical and scientific community to come together to solve this mystery....Read more