There is a big difference between being an anti-vaxxer and being skeptical of the Covid Vaccines. After all, there is a lot to be skeptical about. The ones who we are supposed to trust on the issue are working overtime to silence anyone from telling their own stories of adverse reactions. So far when a person comes forward and tries to tell their story, they are instantly labeled as an anti-vaxxer, and we are warned to not listen to their “misinformation”. They are publicly shamed and ridiculed.

Think about this, how can we call someone an anti-vaxxer who took the vaccine? These people are not anti-vaccine, they took the vaccine! When it made them sick and they tried to tell someone they were mislabeled purposefully so that they would be ignored. They are being wrongfully slandered. It is this type of action that causes even more mistrust.

Why are we not allowed to know if someone got sick, or died from the vaccine?

Physician Assistant Deborah Conrad was reprimanded by her hospital when she started making reports to the VAERS system, as she is required to do by law. She was seeing patients suffering heart attacks, strokes, gastrointestinal issues, cancers, and death, after being vaccinated. She simply reported the truth, and was reprimanded by her hospital, and told she was being anti-vaccine for reporting actual events.

She was basically told that she should ask permission from the hospital before discussing what was happening in her hospital with other staff members, because the message may go against the message of the organization. In not so many words she was told that if she spoke about the truth, it might make people hesitant to get the vaccine, in a time when we want everyone to get vaccinated.

She was told that people can look up the information, and find out the risks to the vaccines on their own. But the truth is, the public is only hearing that the vaccines are “safe and effective”, unless people like Deborah speak up, people will not know the true risks of the Covid Vaccines.

Deborah also discussed with her hospital about how there were more people hospitalized who were fully vaccinated, than who were not vaccinated. She told her hospital, that not reporting this was an atrocity!  Her hospital told her that we all knew the vaccines are not perfect vaccines, meaning they do not stop the vaccinated from contracting and spreading Covid.

That is not what we are hearing from the media, we are told that it is mostly the non vaccinated who are hospitalized and dying. Could it be that only in her hospital more people were hospitalized who were vaccinated, than not vaccinated? Probably not, but we might never get to know the truth.

Deborah further explained that hospitals are not checking the vaccinated status of their patients. If a person was vaccinated in that hospital, it will show up in their system, but if they were vaccinated elsewhere such as a Walgreens it would not show up, and the hospital would not ask to clarify. They would simply be marked as a non vaccinated patient.

We are being told that the vaccines are safe, and effective according to current data. But if adverse events, and the fully vaccinated who are hospitalized are not being reported, how can we trust the data?

We have the right to know the truth, especially when this experimental vaccine is now being mandated. VAERS has been tracking adverse events since 1990, as of 2019 there had been 605 reports of death from all vaccines given. In 2021 alone there were 14,594 reports of death from the Covid Vaccines.

There have now been 15,386 reports of death, 66,642 hospitalizations, 82,854 visits to urgent care, 114,127 doctors office visits, 6,378 cases of anaphylaxis, 8,626 cases of Bells Palsy, 2,122 Miscarriages, 7,267 heart attacks, 6,812 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis, 20,789 permanently disabled, 3,231 cases of thrombocytopenia/low platelet, 16,057 life threatening events, 28,168 cases if severe allergic reaction, and 8,153 cases of Shingles.

Anyone who mentions the truth is immediately labeled as an anti-vaxxer, and censored. Our freedoms are being removed, we are slowly losing the right to choose what medical treatments we will allow in our own bodies, or our children’s bodies. We are losing the right to speak out if we are harmed by it. We are walking into a dystopian nightmare. We are being herded into a hive like mind state where we force our beliefs and way of life on others. Nothing sums up the state of things better than this terrifying video, that aired on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

To make matters worse early treatment that could have saved most of the lives lost were discouraged, and the science censored time and time again. People such as Doctor Paul Marik who is the most published and respected doctor in the entire world, was treated like an anti-vaxxer for advocating early treatment that could have saved millions of lives. Doctors like Pierre Kory stood on the right side of history, and did everything in their power to save lives.

It is my hope that the truth will begin to emerge. Many doctors and nurses have kept quiet because they had too much to lose by speaking up, but now that they will be thrown away because they did not comply with taking the vaccine, they will no longer have anything to lose, and the truth will surface.

People died because treatments were suppressed by the very people who we entrusted with our lives. Just to put it in perspective, the high court in India approved the use of Ivermectin based on a scientific review. The WHO tried to interfere and discourage doctors from prescribing it. The Indian Bar association served members of the WHO with crimes against humanity, and contempt of court, and went ahead with the distribution of Ivermectin. Not every state chose to allow the use but in provinces where they did the death rates fell. Uttar Pradesh is now Covid free. Had they listened to the WHO, they would still be burning bodies in the streets.

We are told our only option is the vaccine, and that it is safe and effective, while at the same time the truth about adverse events are being censored. Early treatments for Covid are discouraged, causing a surging death rate and over run hospitals. At some point you have to ask yourself if any of this makes sense.

Never before have I been so disappointed in my fellow man as in these strange times. It shocks me every time I hear the news use an unvaccinated persons death as an example. On social media they make fun of them and shame them. We ridicule the dead because they died from a pandemic virus, and weren’t willing to take an experimental medicine. It is akin to tying these victims, to the back of a carriage and driving their corpses through the streets to be spat upon.

To top it all off you hear Doctors talk about how they don’t want to be treating non vaccinated patients. It is a testament to our times. The utter disregard for the lives of our fellow man, and the loss of our humanity as a people.

We can no longer consider ourselves to be a civilized society. People have simply gone MAD!