Two of the greatest weapons of our time are censorship, and social engineering. We are living in a time where even a standing President of the Untied States of America, can be censored and silenced. Any representative, doctor, or scientist who speaks his mind or steps out of the current accepted doctrines will be silenced!

Freedom of thought has met it’s end.

One day we are told we should not wear masks, the next day we are told that we should wear them, then a few days after that, we shouldn’t wear them, then we are told to wear them again. All the while each time that our authorities tell us what we should do, social media goes full force with social pressure, to make the masses feel fear of stepping out of the current belief, even if that belief will change again tomorrow.

The people of society are so easily swayed from one day to the next, they will attack their fellow man for stepping outside of the current ideal, completely forgetting that yesterday they attacked them for the opposite idea. Tomorrow when the ideal changes again, they will attack others for believing in what they believed in just yesterday.

A sort of madness has taken over the world.

When the virus first broke, I myself was posting on twitter that we should be wearing N95 Masks and posted scientific papers to back my words. My account got cancelled for over a month after posting that, I had stepped out of line. Coincidentally, once our authorities decided that we should wear masks, my account was reinstated. The banned topic from yesterday had become the accepted topic of today. The people who were attacked by their fellow man for wearing masks, were now being attacked for not wearing them, and so it goes. . . . . .

It’s no surprise people are starting to go Mad.

Social pressure is a powerful weapon, bringing about our ruin. People become afraid to speak up, or stand up for what they believe is right, because if they do there will be consequences. These consequences are all too real. The problem is that when no one speaks up, there is the impression that everyone agrees with what is happening in the world, even it they are atrocities. But what if it wasn’t the truth? What if everyone disagreed with what was happening but remained silent out of fear?

Imagine what kind of world we would be marching toward.

For example many of our representatives don’t agree with things that are taking place in our world, but they are waiting for the people to stand up to make the change. Only they don’t realize that the people are powerless, and it is only our representatives who can make the change, because we live in a representative Democracy. They are the ones who are our voice, who are supposed to implement change on our behalf, but if they are waiting for us, we are doomed.

One of the greatest problems is that nearly everyone is waiting for someone else to be the one to make the change, never realizing that it is only if each individual stands up that change will happen. The power to make change is in our hands. If we wait for someone else to be the one to stand up, that day will never come.

In February I shared a letter with well over 15,000 US representatives, on a compilation of scientific research regarding Vitamin D, and Ivermectin as a prophylaxis for Covid. That letter was very well received, nearly 100 representatives expressed gratitude for the information, some wanted to do something, but felt it was out of their hands.

That is just one example, our very representatives know that hundreds of thousands of people in the US alone are dying, but are still afraid to speak up. Where do we go from here? What do we do when social pressure is so powerful, that we will remain silent while millions die? Sure those who speak up, will have to put everything on the line, possibly losing everything they worked for, but millions of people are dying.

What’s shocking is how few have stepped up.