Senator Ron Johnson held a press conference on June 28th allowing families who have had adverse reactions to the vaccines, a platform to tell their stories. He explains that he is not anti-vaccine, or anti-science, and feels the vaccines are necessary for ending the pandemic, but that we should not ignore the fact that many are having adverse reactions.

Many who have had the vaccine and gotten sick soon after, are being ignored by the medical community and the media. They are suffering tremendously with little to no help. Thanks to this platform offered by Sen. Johnson, they were able to make a public request on behalf of all others who are suffering adverse events to be taken seriously and acknowledged. They say they feel like ghosts who do not exist, they want us to know they are real, and need help. Many of the victims are women, who were once healthy, and after the vaccine rendered disabled, with severe neurological conditions, including paralysis.

These brave people were some of the first to step up to take the vaccine to do their part to help end the pandemic, only to be treated like they do not exist when things went wrong for them. One of the victims Candace Hayden, who spoke at the conference said, “We trusted science, and we did our part, as a result we are synonymous to wounded soldiers who should not be left behind. We are asking to be seen, we are asking to be heard, and we are asking to be believed.”

The Senator also briefly mentioned that in the 30 years of vaccines there have been reports of 5,039 deaths, and since we started the Covid vaccine there have been reports of 4,812 deaths in just 6 months. In 30 years of vaccinations there have been 37,694 hospitalizations, and in the 6 months of Covid vaccines there have been 21,440 hospitalizations.

As an update on July 2nd, Sen. Johnson sent a letter to both Pfizer, and Moderna requesting information on adverse events, and asking what steps they have taken to assist those who have adverse reactions to the vaccine. In the letter he states, “These people are national heroes who subjected themselves to risk for the benefit of us all. Now, they all feel abandoned by the drug companies, federal health agencies, the medical establishment, and the public who refuse to acknowledge their suffering or even consider their vaccinations might be the cause.” To see the letters please see this link, and this link.

On a final note after the conference, both Twitter, and Facebook censored the story. Why are the victims, who were among the first to step up and get vaccinated, putting their lives and health on the line, not allowed to tell their stories? When it comes to a medical product that we will put in our body, we need complete transparency. Each of us has the right to make an informed decision. We have the right to know all of the risks, and benefits, after all it is our lives, and our health. We are asked to take the vaccine in trust and faith, while signing on the dotted line, that no-one can be held accountable if something goes wrong.