There is a war taking place as we speak. This war is being fought by Doctors and scientists all around the world in a literal fight to save lives. Big interests and pharmaceutical companies are suppressing science. We are living in times where the media, and select organizations can tell us what the science is, instead of what the scientists actually said. Anyone who has the time can do a small amount of research and learn the truth for themselves, but so many are content to just be told what those truth’s are. What if that truth is a lie?

We have known about the efficacy of Ivermectin since at least April of last year. Study after study has been done, life after life has been saved. As Dr. Pierre Kory says, “No drug in the history of medicine has had such positive results toward a disease as Ivermectin”. No matter how much science is put forward, no matter how many doctors speak out, Ivermectin is vilified by those in power.

The WHO said, they would do an in-depth study and consider it’s use. They however did nearly everything in their power to discredit the drug. They threw out trials proving it’s efficacy, and only used a small handful of trials to come to a decision. They determined that Ivermectin should not be used for Covid outside of a trial. They passed the verdict without a vote, saying a vote wasn’t necessary. This decision by the WHO will cost so many lives.

Those who stand to profit do not want a cheap and effective drug like Ivermectin. Even Merc issued a statement stating that they do not recommend Ivermectin for the treatment of Covid. But they offered no science to back up their statement. The FLCCC sent a letter in response, condemning the announcement. Meanwhile Merc is working on a derivative of Ivermectin, and plan on releasing it at thousands of dollars per dose, when Ivermectin is 12 cents.

Not only that but if there is an effective treatment such as Ivermectin, the vaccines lose emergency authorization. The thing about Ivermectin is that it has been proven safe, and has been proven to work in all stages of the virus, such as a prophylaxis, treatment, and even for long Covid, as Dr. Aleassandro Santin oncologist and scientists who runs a research lab at Yale said, who felt he could no longer remain silent.

Recently the FLCCC released a paper on a peer reviewed study, which was denied by many publications. Here the FLCCC states proof on the efficacy of Ivermectin.

There are those who are fighting for our lives, going up against the most powerful people in the world, and so far science is losing. Millions of people would still be alive today if we could have used this inexpensive, life saving drug. There would have been no pandemic, no lockdowns. What we are witnessing is a crime against humanity.

To see more on the fight, here is the link to the FLCCC page.

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