If everyone in our nation were to start wearing N95 masks as of today we could end quarantine. The truth is that when worn properly N95 masks work. I believe that when we first seen this virus breaking out in China our nation should have started to mass produce N95 masks. We should have made enough masks for everyone. This would have prevented the virus from spreading the way that it did. It would have prevented so many deaths.

Instead we were told not to wear masks, social media went to work shaming people for wearing them. We were told that masks don’t work, when the truth is that when worn properly they in fact do work. It would have been far less costly to mass manufacture masks than to have to shut down our entire nation, and bail out the economy. The economic cost and the cost in lives has been tremendous. A simple N95 mask worn properly could have prevented this disaster from being blown up like this.

It’s not too late for us to start wearing these masks and to mass produce them. There’s no reason that we should have a permanent quarantine when masks work. We wouldn’t have to wear them forever, we could wear them for two cycles of the incubation period and then the virus would be gone.

Honestly we should start today. Cloth masks are not adequate. Surely we are smarter than this. It is an absolute absurdity that we were shamed into not wearing a mask, when wearing a mask could have prevented this disaster in the first place.

It would have been far cheaper to give free masks to everyone in our nation than to send them a 1200 dollar check in the mail. What we have experienced in our nation is a disaster, that never needed to happen. We were given ill advice from the CDC, and the WHO. Our leaders failed us, all of them. Our media also failed us spreading false information telling us that masks don’t work. The science tells us otherwise. Masks are effective if you wear the right kind, and wear it correctly. What is happening right now is unacceptable.

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