Understanding how our immune system works and is created is fundamental to understanding why it can fail so many who contract the coronavirus leading to a cytokine cascade in the third stage of the disease. In order for our immune system to function properly it requires specific elements and nutrients. Those basic compounds are the foundation of the immune system, in some cases they are what creates it, in other cases they are what triggers it’s specific functions. When a person is deficient in the nutrients responsible for cell creation and function, they will have a weakness in their immune response that could possibly lead to complications with covid19. Sadly many people in the US are deficient in one nutrient or another, it is said that 75% of us don’t get enough fruit, and 80% do not get the recommended vegetable intake. Vitamin D deficiency is considered a world wide epidemic.

I have identified 4 different causes for immune malfunction with the coronavirus. There is a pattern that has emerged in those who succumb to this virus. The deaths are based on sex, race, age, weight, and physical activity. Here are 6 demographics where the patterns have emerged.

  1.  We are seeing more deaths in adults than children.
  2.  We are seeing more deaths in Men than women.
  3.  We are seeing more deaths in the elderly than the young.
  4.  We are seeing more deaths in top athletes.
  5.  We are seeing more deaths in those who are obese.
  6.  We are seeing more deaths in the poor, and African American communities.

In all of these cases there is a cytokine response connection that can explain why we are seeing more deaths in these demographics. In the case of children it has been found that they do not have the same initial immune response as adults do. This could allow their body time to fight the virus, saving them from an over active cytokine response. In the case of more deaths in men than women, it has been found that testosterones increase cytokines. Testosterones also influence a set of genes that control the immune response, with high levels increasing the release of an adrenal hormone called corticosterone that suppress the immune system. This leaves men with high levels of testosterones vulnerable to a run away cytokine response, and a compromised immune system. In the case of Athletes, many who are top performers such as marathon runners experience elevated cytokines post run, this weakens their immune system, and can make them susceptible to infection. In the case of the Elderly, Obese, and African American communities it can be linked to nutritional deficiencies that weaken the immune response.

I have read many reports stating that these demographics of people are dying because of underlying health issues such as diabetes, and high blood pressure and so on. But if you delve into scientific literature you will find that those heath problems in many cases issue from a lack of proper nutrients to begin with.

We now know that this virus targets not only the ACE2 receptors, but also targets immune cells, weakening them. This could explain why we are seeing those who have an underlying weakness take such a hit.

Many believe that those with a weak immune system, or with too strong of an immune system are in danger with this virus. I find that to be a misunderstanding of the immune response. It is not a healthy strong immune system that malfunctions, but a weak one. This malfunction only occurs because there was an underlying weakness where the cells did not fulfill their proper function to stop the cytokines when they became over active.

Cytokines are a vital part of the immune response. Thanks to this response 80% of those who contract this virus will recover. The issue lies in the immune system not putting the brakes on them at the proper time. The immune system is complicated and has many functions, and stopping cytokines is one of them.

Many natural compounds have been studied, and have been found to have cytokine modulating effects. For instance both Vitamin C and D are said to aid in the prevention of a hyper response from the immune system. What I have realized is, that it is not that they are cytokine modulators, but rather they are the nutrients required by our bodies for the proper cell function that we call “modulating”.

What’s more is that in stage two of this virus, if a person has experienced such an immune failure, cytokines will begin to rise moderately in stage two, this will produce ferritin, and that ferritin could possibly cause hypoxia by robbing the blood of Iron, the ferritin can also trigger a cytokine cascade leading to stage three of this virus.

This research paper is written solely on my limited understanding and hypothesis. It deserves attention and consideration. If I am correct it paves the way for prevention, before infection. The medical and scientific communities are getting closer to figuring it out, but every day that passes thousands die.

To see the full article where I explain the 6 connections for underlying immune weakness leading to a cytokine storm, click here. To see the full article on some of the reasoning and ways that we can fuel our body to have proper immune function click here.

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