There is the possibility that our economy will be opened back up in the coming weeks as early as May. This will effectively end quarantine. We have not yet even won the battle against the first initial wave of infection, but when we open back up the economy we may well see a deadly resurgence of the virus.

During quarantine many do not have access to proper nutrients. Many do not have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. When they end lock down while this virus has not yet been contained or defeated, it will once again be endemic and spread through our communities like wildfire. Only during the second round many more will die, including younger adults, as well as more Elderly.

Here’s why, our body needs proper nutrients in order for our immune system to have it’s proper function. Right now while in quarantine many are being deprived of those nutrients, and when quarantine is lifted those who are otherwise considered healthy will lack the proper immune system defenses that are required to fight this virus.

This virus is fast replicating and hard hitting and it is also mutating we now have eight different strains of this virus circulating. This virus can cause immune dysfunction in stage three, to prevent this it requires an immune system to have all of the nutrients that are the precursors to immune function. The immune system cannot function without specific nutrients. They are the building blocks to a proper running immune response.

This must be considered before we decide to end quarantine, we must make sure that everyone is getting proper nutrition and supplements where they need them. The resurgence of this virus has potential to be even more deadly than the initial wave.

People have now been locked up in their homes and starved of vital nutrients, and now we will open up the economy and lift quarintine. We will see a new wave of victims with this virus much more devastating than the first round.

If my hypothesis is correct that the reason we are seeing deaths in the elderly, and poor communities, and in the obese populations, is because of malnutrition and simple nutrition deficiencies, then we could be in for some horrific future events.

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