Update 3/30/2020:

This information has been updated extensively, as I learn more about this virus I update the information. I will refer you to my new compilation follow this link. New supplements have been added, and some removed.

In the beginning of learning about these deadly cytokine storms I thought that we should take cytokine inhibitor supplements to stop that from happening. I am learning that is an incorrect view point. Most of the supplements I recommended before are still going to be the same, but with a new approach.

What we want is to take things that will help our cytokines to function correctly. This requires a healthy diet and a properly functioning immune system. In the beginning of fighting this virus, we need our cytokines to be able to do their job, that is the part where we get fever and the body has a chance to fight this virus naturally on it’s own. We do not want to interfere with that process. Because of this alone I have removed Lycopene and vitamin E from this list of compounds. I will only leave those that are antivirals, and immune boosters, as well as known to be cytokine modulators. If our body functions correctly our cytokines will be inhibited by our immune function.

One that I did not have on my list and I hear many others recommending is Curcumin. I cannot recommend that as it is a cytokine inhibitor, and it could be dangerous. Pure cytokine inhibitors should be administered by medical professionals if a person progresses to the most dangerous phase of this illness. Please see this important link for further information.

Our approach before illness is not to inhibit them, rather it is to give them what they need to function properly. We want our bodies to be able to produce a safe amount of cytokines and then have the proper function to put the brakes on them. This will all depend on how our bodies respond to this virus. The best thing we can do is give our body everything it needs to function at optimum performance.

I am compiling a new article with this new information it is a work in progress you  can see this new article here.

End of update

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  1. robert

    Justice: Can you talk about quercetin? I read a comment somewhere from someone, cant remember where, that it can induce the cytokine storm. Whats your take?

  2. Michael Horn

    Please see the linked info at theyflyblog. com:
    The CDC Is Helping to Spread COVID-19

    Because their protocols have been, and remain, dangerously incorrect and inadequate, the CDC is helping to spread COVID-19. We have a doctor on the frontline in NYC who will confirm:

    “Community spread” supports information that asymptomatic carriers are still highly contagious
    Sudden exponential increase of cases shows real incubation time probably up to three months
    Children main hidden carriers, vectors of virus but largely immune
    Medical personnel at risk require ebola level equipment
    Medical personnel and patients risk becoming carriers because of lack of proper equipment
    Hermetically sealed quarantine required to prevent airborne/droplet transmission

    NOTE: Doctor confirms what China has said, this that the disease is also AIRBORNE.

    This is from the doctor in NYC:

    I am Doctor-on-the-frontlines-in-NYC, the physician referred to in this article. I will be glad to discuss and confirm the information I provided for the article, regarding the real and highly dangerous medical situation here in NYC.

    First, I ask that you provide me a signed NDA, assuring me that you will not reveal, or provide any information about, my identity to anyone, any other sources, etc., unless you receive written permission from me to do so. Upon receipt of the NDA, I will call you at the phone number you provide.



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