I previously conducted research resulting in a hypothesis as to why we are seeing adult deaths with the coronavirus and not children. As new information surfaces, the case for this hypothesis grows steady. To see my previous research please see this link. I explain in great detail how this knowledge may be the key to preventing countless deaths from the new novel coronavirus.

According to the media, there are several questions that remain un-answered. I believe that my hypothesis answers all of them flawlessly.

1.) Why are we seeing adult deaths and not children?  I covered this in my previous study linked above, and I will lightly touch on that again here.

2.) Why are we seeing higher death rates in the elderly?

3.) Why are we seeing higher death rates among men than women?

The answer to all of these questions comes down to one word, Cytokines. I will put forward studies and evidence to answer these questions here today. The beautiful part about this is that there may be ways to stop the deadly effects that the virus has on some patients.

The new statistics that we are seeing all tie in seamlessly and can be attributed to the cytokine response, as is exhibited in different age groups and sexes.

In many of the cases that have led to death with the Novel Coronavirus, just as it was with the SARS epidemic, it is not the virus itself that causes death in the patient, rather it is the body’s exaggerated response in fighting the virus that is that cause of death. These viruses invade cells and replicate rapidly, causing the body to produce a rapid cascade of cytokines,  also known as a cytokine storm. This can induce an exaggerated inflammatory response in the body, that can in turn cause damage to the lungs leading to respiratory failure, sepsis, pneumonia, and in some cases organ failure and death.

For every question I see raised about the fatality rates for this deadly virus, there is only one answer that seems to fit like a key time and time again. It seems to me that Cytokines are the puzzle piece that seems to tie everything together. It is clearly established with scientific findings without question that cytokines are the cause of death in those who die from the complications caused by this virus.

In the case of adult death rates vs children, why are we seeing adult deaths, and not children? The one answer I never hear given is that the death rate difference could clearly be atributed from the differences in cytokine response in children vs adults. In a study conducted on burn patients it was found that there was a clear distinction. It seemed that in the first week adults would have a rapid cytokine response, whereas children did not. The cytokine response in children rose slowly over time. It could be that this is their saving grace. If the cytokine response in children is delayed it could give their body time to fight the virus. But in a small percentage of adults, the body goes into full cytokine response causing severe injury, leading to the likelihood of death. This percentage of 10 to 15%, coincides with the same percentage of people who have a serious reaction to the coronavirus, requiring hospitalization.

Question number two, why does it seem that there is a higher death toll among the elderly in comparrison to the rest of the population? The answer for this could come down to the same thing, the cytokine response. A study was conducted on the cytokine response differences in the elderly vs middle aged and younger patients in cases of gout. It was found that the elderly exhibited a hyperactive pro-inflammatory response often causing fever and high cytokine levels resulting in septic arthritis. There was found to be a noticeable increase in cytokine levels in the elderly as compared to other age groups.

In another study conducted on the role of nutrition in enhancing immunity in aging, which I will cover further later, the cytokine differences in the elderly vs the young was discussed in depth. It was found that the elderly exhibited a 2-4 fold increase in their pro-inflammatory cytokine levels in comparison to other age groups. It makes them much more susceptible to severe complications when it comes to a viral infection.

There is much scientific evidence on the differences in the cytokine response in the elderly vs younger age groups. It has clearly been established that the elderly exhibit an increase in inflammatory cytokines. It is referred to as “inflammaging” It is a state of chronic upregulated inflammation.

I will attempt now to answer question number three, why are we seeing a higher death rate among men than women? While this seems to have many stumped, I see a clear connection that can be easily explained by the differences in cytokine response levels in men vs women. What I found is that in studies conducted it was clear that men have a stronger cytokine response than women. My next thought was, “why?”, and what I found was that it is due to testosterone levels in men vs women. The higher the levels of testosterone, the stronger the cytokine response. The explanation is clear and simple.

The science seems to be clear, in every unanswered question, the culprit can be narrowed down to the cytokine response differences based on age and sex.

I do believe that understanding this basic science points us in the clear next direction, how can we help people to avoid the worst case scenario if infected with the coronavirus? We are working on vaccines, but no one seems to be working on how we can help stop the cytokine response from going haywire in people, which is the actual cause of death with this virus. The scientific facts are that there are several different ways we can attempt to inhibit the cytokine response. We have both natural and pharmaceutical means to achieve this. In the case of natural, as I stated in my previous study, there are many natural foods and supplements that have been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect inhibiting the cytokine response in the body. This is not pseudo- science, this is scientific and factually based. It has clearly been proven that we can use natural means to inhibit the cytokine response.

What does this mean for those who are the most vulnerable? It means that there is a chance that if they take these natural inhibitors that they may possibly avoid the deadly effects of a cytokine storm caused by the body’s response to this virus. This is clearly not going to work or be effective in every case. But being as that the means are simple, and easily accessible, everyone deserves the chance to at least try.

In the study mentioned above, the relationship to immunity and aging was looked at. It is well known that people, no matter their age, who experience nutrition deficiencies also have impaired immune function. This, in turn, plays a direct role in cytokine function. The good news is that this can be reversed with  nutrient repletion. In one examination, children who had contracted Malaria were studied, it was found that nutrient deficiencies played a major roll in the cytokine response. We know that in the elderly populations many are often found to have nutrient deficiencies. This plays a major role in their ability to fight infection, directly affecting their bodies cytokine response.

What we have established here is the cause of death from the virus, and a potential way to naturally change the conditions in the body that are the true cause leading to death with this virus. We have also established with scientific basis that nutrient deficiencies are found to play a role in these functions, and in some cases repletion of those deficiencies can reverse some of the deadly effects that the virus can have on our bodies cytokine response system. It is proven that with natural foods and substances we can in some cases inhibit the overwhelming cytokine response. This could in turn save millions of lives.

In this study you will find that the use of natural substances has been highly researched by scientists and pharmaceutical industries around the world. They are very aware of the natural and powerful healing ability of natural substances found in nature. In this study they cover specifically inflammatory inhibitors, directly affecting cytokine production. In fact over 70 of the drugs that are used in fighting cancer are derived from or are the synthetic versions of what are already found in nature. The companies who aim to maximize profits are not going to tell us to get these substances in their natural forms, where they are plentiful and at low cost, in comparison to consuming them in their pharmaceutical form. Here is another great study on the subject of natural compounds as cytokine inhibitors. There are many such studies.

I will not go into further details on natural cytokine inhibitors as it has been covered at some length in my previous study. I will however follow up with another in depth look in the days to follow. I really just want to get this hypothesis out there so that it can be looked at and given serious consideration by medical professionals.

The science is clear, cytokines are the cause of death from the coronavirus. Whether it’s organ failure, viral pneumonia, or nervous system failure, all of the fatal results in coronavirus cases are rooted in the cytokine storm. If doctors monitoring specifically inflammatory cytokines in critical patients, and taking measures to curb their over-response, were all that was needed, this could literally save lives and keep patients out of our ICU’s.  What I find shocking is no one seems to be putting the pieces together, even though the science is clear and the studies have already been conducted. I find it hard to believe that no one else is connecting the dots. I wonder why no medical professionals have stepped forward with this vital information that could save so many lives?

I have been working with great difficulty to get the word out on this hypothesis. If any readers have any way to help share this information it would be greatly appreciated. I am sharing this information not for my own benefit, I am not looking to make money on this, as some are doing. In fact I wish to remain anonymous. My only hope is to save lives. I am offering this information for free to the world. Please, if anyone can help me get this information to the right people who will study it and give it genuine consideration, it would be greatly appreciated. Time is of the essence. As we speak millions of people are becoming infected. Millions of lives could be saved in the simplest of ways.

I am in the process of completing a third study on natural compounds that could possibly be taken in advance by the population. I have researched many different studies where in advance of a known onset of increased cytokine production, specific compounds were tested, time and time again, many of them proved to be powerful cytokine modulators and inhibitors. Specifically tested in marathon runners who display a marked increase, who were then prone to infection. There are several studies where these subjects were given compounds in advance and it was proven to have a marked effect on cytokine plasma levels. Here is the link to the list, I am working on.

My thoughts are that this could be the key to stopping cytokine storms from the coronavirus in the population before they ever occur.

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  1. stephanie

    thank you. your on to something that I have been also pondering regarding cytokine storms, but was never able to conclude it. thank you. please keep working on this.

  2. Sandra

    In Israel it was news that they are testing their patients with intervenes vitamin d this was on a news Israel
    I new they were blessed people and would master it I believe China followed suit for those that were hospitalised and it also helped a person not to be reinfected

  3. Jasmine Moore

    This article is very interesting. I will share. I would highly recommend you place some simple foods that would help as inflammatory inhibitors. The articles you referenced are very scientific and are hard for the common individual to read. I gather to eat more fruits and veggies though? What about spicy peppers? Thank you for the excellent read!

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