Simultaneous sorrow & joy

There are times in our life when we can feel profound sorrow and joy at the same time. I have had moments where I had tears on my face with a smile. Even when there are tragedies or bad things that happen, for me I was still always able to see the profound beauty of the world. That beauty was always the light that never let me slip away.

There was this time when my apartment complex burned down. Everyone was in tears and lamenting their great loss. I was watching the beauty of the flames reflecting on impermanence. I was upset sure, but that was not all there was to the moment. I was just looking at all angles of the moment rather than just my thoughts. What I seen was my neighbors standing outside in their underwear holding their children. Sure we just lost our belongings, but just look at what we didn’t lose. Seeing them hold their children filled my heart with profound gratitude. The fire had started outside of the children’s bedroom window. Rather than losing something we were given a gift.

How will we choose to look at this moment?

We can have a tragic childhood too, and still find joy. There is always beauty, there is always something around us to bring us joy, if we only know how to look. This world we live in is amazing it is a wonder of unmatched proportions. We live in a vast universe, we have yet to scratch the surface of understanding.

Just to be able to look out at the night sky with awe and wonder is a gift beyond measure. To feel the heartbeat of your loved ones. To be able to see with these eyes the beauty of this world. The way the clouds are never the same twice, the way the sun shines. The way it feels when you laugh with someone you love.

There is nothing ordinary about any moment. Every moment is miraculous. Life is a gift.

I believe we can still be aware of the things that are wrong while also seeing the beauty. We can feel pain, and joy at the same time.

We don’t have to fix the sorrow, or the pain. Rather than fighting to get rid of something about ourselves that we don’t like, we can instead add something else. Instead of focusing on what we don’t like, focus on something beautiful.

Even if we are harmed greatly and our hearts feel as though they have died. Just keep on loving everyday, keep on looking for the beautiful, sow seeds of kindness, and never hold back from a moment of laughter. Moment by moment day by day your heart will lighten, and once again your heart will be restored.


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