It seems to me that life is an endless desire. From the moment we are born into this world. We take our first breath and then we cry out with our first moment of hunger and pain. Our first desires satisfied, held and loved, a warm belly filled with milk. The first desire becomes and endless stream of desires that we will chase for the whole of our lives. One desire after the next without end.

There will never be that one meal that will satisfy us and we won’t need another. There will never be that one more cup of coffee that is so wonderful that we wont need another. Satisfying our desires are endless.

There was a time in my younger years where I was so happy that I had surrendered my life. Every day I thought I have lived enough, and have been happy enough, that even if I died today it would be enough. I lived in that state of mind for years. So happy and so fulfilled that having one more day didn’t matter. I felt like I had already experienced an eternity of happiness. I felt like it was enough for one lifetime.

It seems the older I get the more precious each day becomes. I seem to hold onto them now, I no longer have the thought that today is enough, it seems I want just one more. It’s strange. Not just for me either, but for everyone. I want one more day for all beings. This is clearly unattainable, and quite unrealistic. But it is my strong desire for everyone who lives to be able to live fully, having all of their needs met, and to feel comfort, and love, and to live one more day.

Perhaps it is just time & the true face of impermanence.

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