The World Health Organization is no longer pulling any punches on the severity of this virus. They are admitting openly that it is airborne and expressing their  belief that this is worse than Ebola.

We now have information on what the symptoms of this virus are. What you will read is absolutely shocking. This virus can even weaken blood vessels and cause internal hemorrhaging. It can honeycomb your lungs or shut down your organs, there is nothing nice about what this virus is doing to people. However some people contract the virus and nothing happens to them, and they show no symptoms at all. Not everyone is so lucky.

I found one link that shows a study where it is possible that those who have the virus and heal, can have permanent damage and possibly cause infertility, this is unconfirmed but something to be aware of.

It seems to me like things are becoming more serious. There is a new video circulating that is showing bodies being piled up outside on the streets. Before all of the videos were showing the morgues coming around picking the bodies up, but now they are just laying them out on the sidewalks. I think that this shows that things are getting even worse.

It has gotten so bad that the people are starting to rise up against their government. They are being disposed of like they are trash, this is starting to have an affect on people. They are boarding people up in their homes to die. At some point they aren’t going to take it anymore. 10% of the worlds population is on quarantine, it is no joke. They have a total militarized lockdown. A war time status has been enacted. There are even reports of VPN lockdowns.

Not only are they spraying disinfectant in the streets but now even in the workplace indoors.

Another video has surfaced of people shouting in the night, it is eerie.

We strongly criticized China for their initial inaction that caused this to spread out of control. But are we already doing the exact same thing that they did? Are we possibly covering up coronavirus cases too? This is unconfirmed but there was a video leaked that claims we are doing just that in New York, and possibly Pennsylvania? We see what’s happening in China and we think it can’t happen here, but we are already preparing for the same sort of lock down. We are already seeing the beginnings of censorship here in America. And how about that prison lockdown in Springfield Illinois due to sick inmates with flu like illness?

We have the Westerdam cruise ship where over 1,000 passengers were allowed to disembark in Cambodia and travel home to their destinations, only to find out one of the passengers did in fact have the virus. Dr William Schaffner infection illness specialist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center said, “they anticipated glitches but nothing of this magnitude”. He said, “this could be the turning point”.

This is far from contained. In the UK an infected person attended along with 250 delegates from around the world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where this will lead. It seems the cat is out of the bag.

This virus is highly contagious. 8 people in Japan have tested positive including another Doctor.

We are now being told that when you catch this virus and recover you do not build up an immunity, if you get re-infected it can hasten death and cause a heart attack, re-infection is even deadlier.

This is creeping up on us fast. If you haven’t prepared, I would highly suggest you start today. This virus is no joke. We should all be aware of the reality of what is happening. As we speak people are suffering and dying. This is the real deal.

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