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The more I dig the more sketchy this Coronavirus situation is becoming. 100% the World Health Organization is fully aware that this virus is aerosolized. They also know that the incubation period is not just 14 days, rather it is 0 to 24 days. There is one possible case of a 42 day incubation. Yet we are only requiring 14 day quarantine. On top of this we had 195 American citizens from Wuhan in quarantine at the March Air reserve base, on the 12th day of quarantine they were all released to go home. Not only did we release them into the public knowing full well the incubation period could be longer than 14 days, but we didn’t even hold them for the full 14 days. Does this sound like the US is doing everything possible and taking every precaution like we are being told?

Things start seeming really suspicious when they tell us we shouldn’t wear a mask in public unless we are sick. Even the CDC has jumped in on this bandwagon. How can they tell us this while it has been proven on the Diamond Princess cruise ship off the coast of Japan that a woman had tested positive for the virus, while showing no symptoms at all? The CDC says we should not wear a mask unless we are showing symptoms of the virus. Meanwhile in China people are being arrested if they don’t wear one. Not only that they are disinfecting their air. They have told us we should not restrict travel. For an organization who is supposedly doing everything they can to prevent the spread of this deadly virus, why are they doing everything the opposite? Instead of mitigating they are telling us to go on as normal. They are telling us there is nothing we can do to prepare ourselves. How on earth can they say that? They know full well this virus is hitting those with weak immune systems the hardest. How could they tell us not to try and take precautions to try and boost our immune systems?

Take this into consideration an expert  has stated that they believe this virus will be gone by April. Even President Trump can be heard parroting these words. He was heavily criticized for saying this. What they are not telling you is that it is not due to the warmth of April, but rather the sun exposure. They know something you don’t. Vitamin D helps fight viruses. It is shocking to me that they are not telling us to take vitamins to boost our immune systems. Even if it was unsuccessful, it is one of the simplest of all precautions we could take. The WHO has even told us we shouldn’t take vitamin C. Everyone knows vitamin C helps the immune system. While they tell us it is harmful to even take a simple vitamin C, they themselves are being told to take vitamins to boost their immune systems in preparation of this virus. Are they saying vitamins only boost the immune systems of the elite, but are harmful to the rest of us? You have to laugh out loud sometimes.

It almost seems as though everything possible is being done to perpetuate the spread of this, rather than to stop it. In China workers were ordered to return to work and the transportation ban was lifted. The citizens are confused, they are worried that being in such close proximity to others at work will perpetuate the spread of the virus.

There are several things happening in China that just don’t make any sense, For one they have stopped the sale of cough and fever medications. They said the reason for doing this was to flush out flu victims, so they would seek medical care, and go to the quarantine centers. But actually if you use some common sense you can see that the truth is the opposite. Rather they would know who was sick by their coming out to purchase the medications. In China they have implemented a total surveillance system. All purchases are tracked.

The Chinese citizens are quite confused they are saying that this is the opposite of what they were advised to do before. It was proven that much of the transmission of the virus happened in a clinical setting when people went to the hospitals. They were told if you have mild symptoms to stay away from public areas and self medicate and quarantine at home. Citizens are rightly worried that the latest actions taken by their government will perpetuate the spread of this virus. Not only that, people could die that wouldn’t have otherwise if they don’t have access to simple medications such as a fever reducer. Stopping the sale of these basic medications is unconscionable. You have to wonder what the true motives for these actions are. Every bit of evidence and common sense points to the reasoning they are giving for their actions, to be the opposite of truth.

Many of these victims are being locked in their homes. Officials are boarding up, and welding shut entire apartment blocks. In one video you can even see what could be, one person trying to escape and falling to their death. These sick people will not have access to food, or medicine, or a hospital. They are just dying in their homes, and the morgue comes by daily to pick up bodies. They are working around the clock picking up bodies. They are cremating bodies 24 hours per day. You can even see on the SO2 map the levels are off the charts due to burning organic matter. On top of the hazards from the virus, the emissions from cremating these bodies are harmful to the health.

Another issue that is raising concern is two cities in China have been given the authority to seize private property to help stop the spread of the virus. I honestly don’t know what to make of this, but it is a new development none the less.

Several brave journalists, doctors, and lawyers worked to leak what was happening in China to the world. Many of them have gone missing, and some have been detained. Now we are not seeing the same level of information of what is actually happening on the ground in China.

I do not believe we are being told the real numbers of people who are dying, or infected. In one video a private investigator interviews a worker at a morgue. I was very disturbed by the unethical way the investigator used this poor worker to get information. He promises to send her more workers, knowing full well she is desperate for help. I also believe he could have cost her, her life by getting her to tell the truth. I will post it only because it is revealing, but I am not pleased with the methods used.

Workers at the crematoriums are also complaining that the true death tolls are being hidden, bodies are being cremated without the cause of death being properly identified.

Not only this, but Chinese factories have been ordered to re-purpose and mass produce one million body bags. Why on earth would they need to produce that amount when the death toll is one thousand? We need to question these things. Here is the original page, and the translated page.

The numbers of infected people are being manipulated to downplay the seriousness of the situation. A new guideline was released that going forward patients who test positive but do not exhibit symptoms will no longer be counted as confirmed. This will drastically lower the numbers.

Around 12,000 health workers have been sent to Hubei province to help combat this virus, but notice in the pictures they aren’t even wearing proper masks. Many healthcare workers have been infected.

I have really been doing my utmost to not delve into the realm of conspiracy theory but sometimes facts are stranger than fiction. Perhaps what I am about to share is just an extraordinary coincidence, but then again who knows. I will let you be the judge.

In October 2019, 15 business people, government officials and health experts gathered together to simulate a pandemic exercise for the Corona virus. The exercise was strikingly similar to what is now unfolding.

In this exercise 65 million people perished.

Recommendations were given by the John Hopkins center for security and health, the World Economic forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Included in these plans are the suppression of social media.

In this video you will see some highlights from this exercise. There was even talk of possibly shutting down communication channels if things got bad.

Also an anonymous person back in October, the same month as the 201 exercise was performed, posted in a forum that he works with deadly pathogens and was becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility of a pandemic, and how unprepared we are for such a confrontation.

One thing that is not a conspiracy theory is that this virus has biomarkers for having been made in a laboratory. Something else that is peculiar is that we are not seeing child victims of this virus. I am not complaining I am glad about that, just pointing it out. The reason given is that this virus is only hitting the elderly or those with weak immune systems. But there are plenty of children with weak immune systems. In fact during last years flu season children were hit very hard with the flu and we had many pediatric deaths. Children are very vulnerable when it comes to viruses. Given the historical facts, the reasons they are giving to us just don’t ad up.

There is one news clip where they show a map from before the travel ban where all of the people from Wuhan fled to. There are many who are saying this map is fake. Is it? I don’t know. If there is any truth to this map, surely we are way past containment. Let’s not forget the super spreaders, how many others are there just like this man who have escaped our notice? Then we have warnings like these, telling us that if we don’t get a check on this virus it could spread to two-thirds of the worlds population.

Do not allow yourselves to be misled by public sentiment. We have seen sentiment like this before. Last time millions died. During the Spanish Flu we were told the same lines word for word, don’t panic. It’s not that bad.

This says it all, a rich Chinese man throwing his money out the window. What good is all the money in the world if you dont have health or life?

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