Coronavirus “The perfect storm”

I am going to attempt to share the information I have learned regarding the Novel Corona virus, but given the circumstances and media censoring it is difficult. I do not know the validity of many of these sources, if there are some that do not appear legitimate to you, I urge you not to discount the rest. This is current and ongoing, and the only defense we have at this time is to try and learn the truth.

Here’s what we know so far. The Chinese government has been spraying disinfectant over their city, automatically you realize when seeing this is that it could be airborne. Yesterday Shanghai officials revealed, yes it is airborne. If you would like to know exactly what this means here is a good article that explains the differences between droplet and aerosolized transmission.

The death tolls that are being reported to us are not even close to the actual numbers. Crematoriums are running 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the past 17 days. Keep in mind Wuhan is a city of 11 million people. In a normal day they report around 200 deaths. There is no way that we would be seeing a lock down at this level when the death toll was reported around 400 people. Not a chance. They have hospitals that were capable of holding tens of thousands of patients and those hospitals became overwhelmed. They built three new hospitals in 10 days. They converted several public venues into quarantine centers. It seems they are still making them. There are reports coming out of these centers stating that they are nothing more than death camps, they are reporting there are no doctors or nurses, that there is little food and water and not even heat, and limited electricity.

In one video a woman calls in to a hospital asking for help, the nurse tells her that there are no more doctors and nurses they are all dead. I don’t know the validity of this video.

There have been several leaked videos where officials are welding apartment doors shut for entire blocks, so that the people can’t get out. The people who are being welded in their homes will either succumb to their virus, or starve to death. How will people escape if there is a fire?

What is happening is absolutely heartbreaking, they are rounding people up and forcing them into these quarantine camps. Some try to escape out of desperation.

I have seen several different videos of people being arrested for not wearing a mask, and for leaking information. People are afraid to speak up. This one woman can be heard yelling, “They are cutting us down like grass“. You can hear others telling her to be quiet. But she said she will not. 8 Wuhan doctors were arrested for whistleblowing and later released. Stricter laws have now been enforced, those who spread rumors may face the death penalty.

As we know people are dying of pneumonia and organ failure, but there are many people all over who don’t have any signs of symptoms at all, and out of no where they just drop dead, or pass out, or go into a coma. There are too many videos of this for it to be an isolated and non related incident. It is happening everywhere.

There are so many videos of bodies being carried out of buildings.

There is footage of what appears to be burn pits, although this is not confirmed. There is also footage of giant pits that could be burial pits, but the use of these pits are not confirmed.

The streets have become vacant it looks like a ghost town. We should be very concerned. In one video all of the people were chanting after the 34 year old whistle blower died. It is really eerie. I feel this video really puts things in perspective. There are millions of people in those buildings.

The military and police are now patrolling the cities.

What we are dealing with is a perfect storm, it just so happens that outbreak of this virus has coincided with the Lunar new year when the Chinese travel to visit one another, and hand out lots of gifts and letters to one another.

So far the Word Health Organization has told us that there are no herbal remedies that can help you and not to take them. They have also told us that we should not restrict travel. They have told us we should not wear masks. Does this sound like an organization that is trying to stop the spread of this virus? It sounds like the exact opposite. It is absolutely shocking. You think they aren’t aware that this virus is airborne? For them to tell us not to wear a mask is unconscionable! While they are telling us not to prepare or take even the simplest of measures here is what the officials are being advised to do.

This virus has been studied and can last from 5 to 28 days on surfaces, we should understand that means it is highly contagious. This article explains how we can disinfect properly. There have been a few cases of fast transmission.

During the latest briefing we were told that all precautions were being taken to prevent the spread of this virus. But just the other day The Anthem Of the Seas cruise ship docked in New Jersey to remove sick patients from the ship who were suspected of having the corona virus. Notice in the video that none of the EMT’s are wearing masks, or any protective gear what so ever. This could be the true ground zero for America. Why would we do this? We know better, we have prepared and trained. They should have been wearing full hazmat gear. There should have been full containment precautions being taken.

There are tons of articles and videos talking about how this virus is a biological weapon. It has the fingerprints of being made in a laboratory. I will link several articles here. There is a lot of information in them. Also three scientist have been arrested and all I believe of them have connections to the Wuhan bio laboratory.

On top of this, as you will see in this article this coronavirus is thought to have origins in a Canadian Laboratory, the director at the time when the virus was being worked on was Frank Plummer. He is a key Canadian scientist, this week he was found dead under mysterious circumstances while he was in Africa. For further reading on the death of this scientist here is another article.

At first scientists were using an HIV drug and antivirals with great success and were curing patients. But this virus is fast evolving and the medications are no longer working.

This is the real deal. This is what preppers prep for. If you don’t already have food stockpiled do so now. Prepare for not leaving your home for several months just in case. I suggest stocking up on rice and beans and oatmeal, ramen noodles, peanut butter, protein bars. Dried fruits like raisins and so on, and nuts. If you have a weapon to protect yourself keep it handy. Also make sure you have things like soap and toilet paper and laundry soap. Buy rubbing alcohol, and use it to disinfect the packaging on everything you buy.

One of the most important things we can do is prepare our immune systems. There are many things you can take to boost your immune system. You can take vitamin D3 with K2 in it. You can take elderberry syrup. You can drink a small shot of apple cider vinegar a few times a day. Do your research. Stock up on natural remedies so that you have them on hand if you end up not being able to get out for a time. Now is the time to prepare. If it blows over and doesn’t spread then we can feel silly, and count ourselves lucky. But keep in mind that China was thriving just like the rest of us. I am sure they could have never imagined that this could happen to them. This is all too real, and we should take this one to be deadly serious. Prepare now! Masks are a must have they must be the respirator version. Stay out of public spaces if you can, and if it were me, I would not send my child to school.

All we can do is prepare. Start preparing right now. Like in this moment. If it hits us, it will be too late then.

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