My beautiful Grandmother

We all knew this day would come someday, but we hoped it would not come.
Who among us can hold off the tides of impermanence?
Life and death are part of every moment.
Woven into the fabric of life, without death there can be no life.
There will not always be a tomorrow.

Today was that day, the day my beautiful grandmother breathed her last. My heart felt so heavy, I began to weep. I could feel my grandmother in me. I could feel her facial expressions, her way of being. I put my hands together palm to palm, clearly aware that me and my grandmother are one. I cleared my heart, and touched the vast. I relaxed my body and allowed a smile to form on my tear stained face.

I thought grandmother you and I are not two, I will do my part to bring you peace and non fear in your transformation. I could feel my grandmother in me strongly. I went on a journey in my mind for my grandmother. I thought of all of her grandchildren, how she is them. I looked deeply into how she was reborn into her children and grandchildren. We are each her continuation.

Then I let us go into space and look back at the earth. Grandma in the same way that we are you, we are the earth. I seen the great multitudes of beings who have came and gone rising up from the dust and going back, beings without number. I thought clearly we are the earth itself.

Then I thought just as we are the earth so too are we the whole cosmos. Just as we come from the earth. The earth comes from the whole cosmos.

Grandma look, we are part of the whole cosmos, we are everything. Look back at the earth, do you see? We are just like waves on the ocean that rise and fall. We are not bound by this body grandma, we truly are life without boundaries. Do not be afraid, smile with me grandma.

Do you see? You are made from the stars, you are made from the sun, and the ocean. Since before time you were always here.

We are not born, and we do not die. We are life without boundaries. Moment by moment we are meeting at the source.

Do you see the smile in your grandchild’s eyes? That is you. They are made from you.
Do you see the living beings on the earth? They are the earth, they are made from her.
Do you see the earth spinning in the vastness of space? She is made from it.
We are everything.

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