There is a great technological race occurring as we speak to come out with the first true quantum computer. All nefarious purposes aside. I believe that the technology is actually a de-evolution rather than an evolution. I believe our brains are vastly more capable than we have yet to realize. We use extra sensory perception every day but just aren’t aware that is what we are using. I believe that our brains are akin to the ultimate quantum computer.

Think about this. When you walk into a room and meet someone for the first time. The moment that you see that person you already know if you like him or her. It is like something in you read that person. Yes, there will be argument for preconditioned judgements based on past interactions with people with similar characteristics. But really it is like something inside of you read that person and said no thanks. I believe that human communication is much more vastly intricate than people have yet to imagine. People are de-evolving at a rapid rate. We are trapped in the digital consciousness, and are loosing our ability for simple communication. We think technology is advancing us in that department but it is actually a dumbing down of our amazing abilities.

Think of this, have you ever had a dream and you forgot what it was? Then later in the day something triggered it, and boom all at once in an instant you remember the entire dream. You did not need to think it out moment by moment in a linear fashion to remember it. No, it all comes at once in a flash every single detail. That is quantum!

Or the way that we can recall a memory, like think of one of your most treasured memories. Maybe, it was the birth of your child, or a special Christmas or birthday, or a lifetime with someone you love. Let me say for example I have a fond memory of a Christmas five years ago. If I want to recall it, I can recall it all in an instant. I do not have to think it all out in a linear fashion. I can if I wish to re-live it which delves into ideas of what real time travel is. But the entire memory of the entire Christmas is there in it’s complete form, I don’t have to think it, because I just know it.

Also think about times where you got caught in a daydream, then you suddenly see the room come into focus again. How is it that the room disappeared from your eyes, when you were contemplating that memory it is like you were there and could see it in full color and form. You did not even realize that you weren’t seeing the room. Rather it was like you were seeing both at once.

Another example is love. If you have ever experienced love, true love. When you experience love it transcends all boundaries. It is as though it contains the entire universe, true love feels vast and infinite. It seems to transcend everything and have the feeling of forever. Even if you only feel it for but a moment, it is like you experienced forever. This love can exist in any form it can arise with your husband or wife or the moment you first feel a baby move inside of you, or the moment you seen a baby born into this world. There are many ways that we can experience true love, and it is truly transcendent. You may even experience it while watching the sun rise, or seeing the sun light dance on a tree.

The universe that I see through my eyes with is unique. This universe is a conditional based universe dependent upon each moment I have encountered in my life. We all see the world with our own unique perspective. This universe that I see through my eyes, it is the only one just like it. It is completely unique to me and can never be experienced by anyone else. Not unless they have seen every tree leaf dance, or seen every blade of grass or every cloud in the sky in the exact same way as I have. When I die my universe will die with me. Because that universe is conditionally produced. Meaning it is based upon my encounters and experiences. It shapes my world view. So in a way we are all living together but in parallel universes. They are the same universe but we do not see the universe in the same way. Those who are close have very similar universes though. If you have a friend or loved one you can just look at each other and you will know exactly what he or she is saying without them even having to say a word. You read them through body language facial expression.

Our mind is so amazing. It is such a gift that we have this mind. When you connect with a memory in your mind, even from 20 or 30 years ago. You can completely delve into the memory and re-live that memory. When you are doing that you are bringing that moment in the past alive at this moment in the future. So let me say I have a traumatic memory, like for instance I have a sister whom I love very much and she did something really bad to me, and that severed our relationship. I can remain in trauma and when I think of her I can re-live that pain which just strengthens the neuropathways to ptsd like memories. Or instead I can choose to remember her from the time when I loved and cherished her. It will slowly weaken those neuropathways of trauma, and re-build new pathways. just because you choose to change how you use your mind. It does not mean you have to mend a relationship. You must be smart. But what I am saying here is that the mind is capable of self healing if you only know how to use the mind to do it. And, if you understand how the basic mind works you can do it quite easily.

On another topic but that involves the quantum mind. I have had many dreams that come true. I think most people do but they just aren’t aware of it, or haven’t put the pieces together. I first want to say I do not believe that there is such a thing as being psychic. What I believe is that the whole universe is interconnected and that we are the whole, and sometimes it just comes through. I see it like a row of dominos. I know if I push that domino over the one in front will fall, it is set in motion. I see the world much like that. I see that in this moment in the entire world every person every animal, and every breath of wind and every thought or blade of grass in this moment is moving in a specific way based on what moment has arisen in the past, I can see that a certain outcome will come about because the whole churn of the cosmos is set into motion. I think every now and then we just tap into that vast churn of the cosmos.

Why not? After all it is not much weirder than a day dream, or love. How can we explain any of that. It would be considered supernatural. But I don’t think it is supernatural, but rather completely natural. In this very moment all around you there are radio signals and tv signals and sound waves and energy waves maybe even thoughts passing through the air all around you. You think it is air there and nothing more. You wouldn’t believe me that there is a bunch of stuff around you but that your senses just are not able to perceive them because they are limited to your conditions. But If I get an antenna out I can turn on a radio for you or a tv, and I can show them to you. You only need to make the proper conditions in order to perceive them. We are so quick to discount what we cannot see and hear. There could even be other life forms that our senses cannot even perceive. We humans are so shortsighted, as though we are stuck in a small box because we cannot allow our minds to expand outside the perimeters of our conditioned mind.

I believe we are vastly capable of more than we have yet realized. I believe the human mind is the most amazing biological quantum computer, and here we are trying to create one with Sauder and wires.

We are here at this moment in time. This moment in time contains within it all of the past of the entire universe. This earth is made from the dust of exploded stars, dust from the stars still rain down on us to this day, we make wishes on them. You can see them with your eyes as they make streaks of light across the starlit skies. We call them shooting stars. All of the past a time without number makes up the world we see around us. Because every star fell just like it did. Because every breath of wind moved just as it did we are here now. I think that I am a separate self from this universe. But my very body is made from the universe. My body is made from this earth, and the earth was made from the universe, that makes me very very old. Timeless, in fact. I eat food gown from the elements of the earth like soil and water and from the elements of the sun. When I eat that food it continues me on in this form. But my body is not just contained to just this body it is the body of the universe. It is strange I drink a glass of water and I don’t realize that it is what makes what I think of as a “me”. If I spit on the ground I do not mourn the loss of myself. Oh my poor water. I don’t give it a second thought. Because there is a knowledge in us that is higher and already knows what we do not.

So you have an idea that the body is made from the entire universe and you are made of all that is. I have heard people say ashes to ashes dust to dust. That implies that we came from the earth and then go back to it. But I say we never left it. We are what the earth is right now. Now for the self, the mind that I think is me. When you were born your parents taught you everything. They imposed their ideas and beliefs into you. Also not just them but your teachers at school and any person or moment you encountered in your life made an imprint on your mind and shaped the you that you consider yourself with all your views understandings and opinions. What we are is a passed on collection of ideas. My ancestors passed it all onto me. I do not realize it but my thoughts are just my ancestors thoughts evolved to what I am now. I am a collection of imprints from all moments I have encountered in my life and that view is ever changing because I am growing continuously and evolving into the future.

I am the expression of the entire universe in motion. It took the entire universe to bring me into this moment in time that I am in now. I am the expression of the whole. Consider it like the ocean and the ocean is the entire universe, and you are a wave on that ocean. You are an expression of the entire universe in this moment. And, within that expression it contains within it the entire past. Past here is alive, there is no time or space. You can touch the past even with just a thought. Also the entire future is also present in this very moment. Because every blade of grass every breath of wind, every single thought being thought in this moment has already set the universe in motion, so you are able to touch the future as well, because it has already happened in the past.

It is simple. If I have a plant and do not water it, it will die. So if I do not water it in this moment then in the future say a week from now I will have already killed my plant but in the past what I would call today. It is simple really. That line of understanding is outside of time and space. You only need to have the eyes to see.

*I wrote this back in 2016. Scientists are now studying this very topic. Here are a few links.

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