Where is the outrage

I wonder if most people know how many people in our nation are dying needlessly, due to corporate greed, and other factors? When someone who we know personally, or someone famous dies, we mourn greatly. When there is a terror event where innocent people die, we see it on the news with our own two eyes, and it becomes personal. We mourn as a nation because we got to see the faces of those who died. We experience the pain with them.

But what about the faces of the people who die every single day in our nation and no one knows they existed? What if I told you, right here in the US, nearly three quarters of a million people were killed every single year due to the greed of our corporations, and societal factors? It seems impossible to imagine a number that staggering, but it is our true reality. When we don’t see their faces it’s so easy to dismiss them. They simply don’t exist in our imagined world. But I assure you every single one of them was a person who mattered just like you.

Many of the statistics I will use in this article are outdated, but they are simply the only statistics available. In many cases the numbers will be far higher. By my calculations the official toll of preventable deaths is around 686,000 this number does not include suicides, homicides, or those who died in war. These are just the deaths they officially count and accept. The true number could be that many times over.

In the united states alone in 2015 155,000 people died from pollution. Think about it, many people are living near Industrial sites, and energy facilities, that are contaminating their water, and air. People all over the US are literally being poisoned. In most of these cases it is preventable. Even more startling the global number of pollution deaths are astronomical, about 9 million per year. This is the most up to date data we have, I imagine the numbers are much higher now, but we may never know with our gutted EPA, and extensive environmental deregulations. As it is the corporations currently deny the harmful nature of their production sites. Currently there is no accountability. We do not know how many people are dying from their environment because these dying people are simply dismissed.

Now just imagine if we had the power to attribute the true number of deaths such as the ones caused by toxins in our products. Imagine how many die of cancer and other illnesses from unnecessary toxins in our foods and products. The CDC estimates that 48 million people get sick, and 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 people die every year from preventable food borne disease each year. In other nations people are dying by the hundreds of thousands from toxins like pesticides. But here in the United States we don’t count those sort of deaths, because we consider our toxins to be safe. When we do find out the truth one day, we may find that millions died per year.

As we speak, in our nation people are dying from their medications to the tune of 128,000 per year. What we have to understand is that in many cases these deaths are not just accidents. Did you know that there are Dr’s who receive kickbacks to prescribe you drugs. In many cases they are not prescribing out of concern for your well being but concern for their pay check. Besides the number of people who die from their medications 2.74 million people per year will have serious adverse reactions, and 1.9 million will be hospitalized many with lasting lifelong complications.

As if those numbers weren’t alarming enough nearly 400,000 people die per year in our hospitals from medical malpractice. It’s really hard for this to hit home unless you actually hear the stories of those who lost loved ones, or see the faces of those who died, or if you personally know who they were. They are just a number. But, in reality these were precious people who had loved ones and who had hopes and dreams. They were just like you and me.

The deaths I covered above are in many cases preventable and caused due to corporate greed. But we have other societal factors as well, that are also causing many deaths. Our nation is also dealing with a suicide epidemic. Around 45,000 people commit suicide per year. 22 veterans, and 14 children take their own lives every single day. We don’t hear about it much, we don’t know their stories or what these people have suffered. When we don’t see it or hear it, how can just a number make us see the reality of the tragedy?

The way our society is run we are dealing with a clear break down. Our nation is being choreographed and controlled by the most powerful in the world. The people don’t have time to breathe, they are giving their all just to try and survive. This is breaking us. We are witnessing the decline of our society as we know it.

We also have an epidemic of mass shootings and gun violence. There were 434 mass shootings in 2019. In 2017 there were 37,773 total gun deaths. That year 14,542 people were murdered by guns. 23,854 people used a gun to commit suicide. To add some perspective from 2006 to 2017 suicides by firearm rose by 41%. From 2014 to 2017 Gun homicides rose by 32%. Clearly we are doing something wrong.

None of these statistics so far have included those that we have caused in our infinite wars. It is hard to believe that our nation could be involved in killing innocent people all over the world. Since world war two the United States has killed anywhere from 20 to 30 million people in our wars. All of us have been taught the horrors of the past. The world has vowed never to repeat them again. The number of victims of the Nazi Holocaust are estimated to be up to 6 million people. That is horrific beyond all words, and we always remember them, we mourn for that dark time in our history. The whole world has collectively vowed never again.

But how easily we close our eyes to the realities that we face in our own time. Right now as we speak over 18 Million people are being strategically slaughtered and starved to death in Yemen. The world remains silent. Where is the outrage? I mean seriously where is it? Why is it that us little people have to take to twitter and YouTube to try and spread awareness, so that we can end this? Our corporate media is complicit, they are not reporting on this. It should be shouted from the rooftops every single day.

Not only that lets get some more perspective. I am being very conservative when I estimate three quarters of a  million deaths per year due to corporate greed in the US alone. This means that since the year 2000, at least 14 million people have been killed, while we said nothing. Do you understand what this means? Think about it.







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