Knowingly sick people should wear masks in public by law

For several years now, I have been of the opinion that we should pass a law, declaring any person who is knowingly sick, should have to wear a face mask in public. I think every single store should offer these masks at the entrance just like a hospital does. Masks only cost pennies.

I can only imagine how many lives this would save. I wonder how many people die per year because a loved one brought home the flu? Our young children and elderly are at risk. In most cases the disease is completely preventable.

We have become accustom to living in a world where it is normal to work side by side with someone who is sick, or stand next to them in public. But in all reality that person is a deadly weapon while they carry that virus. Them being in public with that disease has the potential to infect untold amounts of people, many of whom will die.

When you are infected it is a direct assault. You can be so lucky to heal fast, but most aren’t that lucky. Many will be seriously ill for three to six weeks. Many will fight a lung infection, and incur medical bills.

There are several people who I know personally who have had their elderly loved ones hospitalized this year from flu complications. Think about it, those elderly are not out and about in society, most are somewhat homebound. That flu is brought to them by their loved ones who contracted it from being exposed to it in a public setting. To me it rings senseless, when in most cases it is very preventable.

We need to disabuse ourselves of the idea that the flu is harmless, and normal. We should take greater precautions, as other peoples lives may depend on it. I will follow up this article in the days to come on how we can build up our immune systems, and natural remedies that we can take if we happen to get sick. But for now I just wanted to float the idea that those who are sick should be forced to wear a mask in public.

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