I love soup, what I love is that you can throw one together with almost anything. You only need a few key ingreedients for any soup, onion, garlic, and salt. If you have those you can put in whatever you want. I have invented several recipes. Today I will share one of my soup recipes that I invented. I just happened to make it today. I wont put exact amounts because you can really put what ever amount you want. The only rule to any recipe is that it tastes good to you!!!

Butter (optional)
Green onion
Rice, (basmati or Jasmin, or pearl)
Corn (optional)
Brussel sprouts

I used a medium sized stock pot. I bought a bag of frozen Brussel sprouts and cauliflower. I just tossed them in the pan. I medium chopped a whole onion, Medium chopped a zucchini, Medium chopped 2 bunches of green onions. Peeled and minced a whole head of garlic, more than 10 cloves. You can use any amount you like. I small chopped, and medium chopped some potatoes, I used at least 10 medium to small potatoes. I diced some really small so that they will dissolve in the water. I dice at least a few with medium chunks so that there will be some random potato chunks in the soup. Toss all that in the pan, add your salt to taste. I don’t measure, I put an amount in the palm of my hand and toss it in. It could be around 3 to 4 tsp of pink Himalayan salt. You can add a little bit of corn if you want, it will give it that chowder effect. I omitted it this time.

Cover with water and bring it to a boil. Stir often so that it don’t stick. Once the potatoes seem like they are soft, then put in about 3/4 cup of rice of your choosing. I put in half pearl rice and half basmati. At this point I also added about a tablespoon of butter. Let this boil for another 20 mins or so and that’s it your done. Make sure to taste for salt in the beginning. You don’t want the potatoes to cook without enough salt to flavor them. Best to taste test soon after it begins to boil for a few minutes.

The potatoes that dissolved will settle to the bottom, before you serve it make sure to stir it well each time, and you are good to go.

I eat it just like this, I garnish my bowl with some pepper. You can add pepper directly to the pot of soup, if you wish. I also add some chili oil to my bowl sometimes. I don’t use meat. But if I had to take a guess at what meat would go best with this, I would say some shredded roast beef. If it were me, I would cook a roast in the crockpot. When it was done I would just shred some and toss it in the soup, or directly in your bowl of soup. Use the remainder of the roast for a different meal. You can have mashed potatoes and roast or something.

When I was little my mother used to do that. She would use one chicken to make several different meals. She would make us kids home made noodles with the broth, and then make my Father tacos with the chicken. It is a clever way to make food go farther.

This soup is really wonderful if you have a bowl of basmati rice on the side. Happy cooking adventures to all…..

Vegetables chopped up tossed in the pan.

Bowl served with some chili oil mixed in.


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