Perfect “easy” beans crock pot recipe

I want to share my perfected easy pot of beans recipe. It can be prepared in five mins or less. This is something anyone can make. I use pinto beans in this specific recipe. The garlic powder may sound like a lot but trust me this gives a true richness to the flavor like nothing else.

Pinto beans, garlic powder, Himalayan salt (you can use any salt you like), water

Clean pinto beans, fill your crock pot about 1/4 full of beans. I have a small 3 qt crock pot, and I put about 4 cups of dried pinto beans in it. To wash I just put the beans in the crockpot and agitate the beans in some water. I scrub them with my hands. Then I drain the water I use my hand to prevent the beans from falling out. I do this 2 or 3 times.

Important while putting the beans in the crockpot make sure you look for rocks. I just pour them in slowly and pay attention.

Once the beans are clean for my 3 qt crock pot I put in 1 tablespoon, and 1 tsp of Himalayan pink salt. You can use slightly less if you want. I put in lots of garlic powder. 4 tablespoons of garlic powder. Then fill the crock pot with water, all the way to the top, and let cook on high for 6 hours or more, I prefer to cook on high for 8 hours, but they are edible around 6 hrs normally. I put them on before I go to sleep. You will have to top off the water once or twice. Make sure to keep it filled with water. When they are done you can put them on warm and leave them on all day if you want to. It wont hurt a thing.

These beans will be perfect every time.

You can eat these as a bowl of beans, put some beans in your bowl, and some of the bean juice, the juice is really good. You can eat it plain just like this and it is still amazing. If you want to doctor it up you can add a spoon of salsa to the bowl of beans, and some fresh diced veggies. I like to add different onions, white, red, green, and some cilantro, and diced tomato. This alone is a wonderful meal. This is one of the main foods in my diet. I eat this nearly every day. You can also put a spoonful of these beans on a salad and that is wonderful as well.

Here is a pic of my bowl of beans after it is fresh cooked. I added onions, and cilantro, and tomato, and a spoon of chili oil, I then stirred it all up.



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