This post is written by an anonymous guest. It will consist of a cover letter, as well as a proposed bill that was sent to representatives.

Cover letter

Cover Letter for Ending Government Subsidies Act of 2020

When any sensible person looks at the decay of our society, the deterioration of our infrastructure, the loss of respect for ourselves and each other, and the overall decline of American values, both at home, and in the world at large, we seek to understand how we have come to be in this position. A shallow person would assume this is nothing more than political infighting, or groups of citizens at odds over how we should move forward as a nation.

The truth, however, is that we have been coming to this point over a long period of time. The vast majority of our fellow Americans are getting poorer, working more than one job, and facing ever-rising costs of living across the board. The extremely wealthy, on the other hand, are reporting record profits.

While the Government makes deals with private industry to fix our aging infrastructure and maintain and develop new technologies to benefit us all, still, we are declining in every area. The American people have had literally trillions of dollars in tax money simply handed over to the biggest Companies and Corporations, who have always used the same excuses to receive those dollars. They will provide decent jobs, they will fix our infrastructures, they will set the United States at the forefront of advancing technologies, they will lift up our economy, they will provide energy security. And all Americans will be the better for it.

This has not happened, but the exact opposite has. It is abundantly clear that our national subsidies and contracts with these business and non-profit interests has actually made things worse for everyone. But why?

The answer is actually very simple. The American people, on the whole, have fantastic values, kindness, generosity, and compassion for one another. We appreciate it when things are fair and equal. But the business interests we make deals with to see those ideals manifest in our society, Government, and around the world, have a completely different morality and purpose than the people. Their purpose is profits, and sustained profits that increase every quarter. Their morality is simplified down to that of a starving wild animal, totally at odds with our sense of purpose, justice, and equality.

Right now, today, in what is supposed to be the finest country the world has ever seen, we are in 23 trillion dollars of debt. We cannot balance our budget. The middle class and the rich pay all of the taxes, and those billionaire corporations that take in over 90% of the yearly taxable revenue pay no taxes at all.

And because some of the richest, largest companies have received so much from the taxpayers through subsidies and ever-increasing contracts, they have found themselves in a position where they have taken over our representation in Congress for themselves. And yet, even without proper representation, the common people are still being taxed, while those that pay zero in taxes have their Senators and Reps on speed-dial.

Further, even in our substandard educational system, we all learn about the virtues of a Capitalist system, and how it is superior to all other forms of economic systems, especially Communism. We are taught that free and open markets, where goods and services find their natural values based on consumer demand, goes hand-in-hand with our open and free nation. But with our prolific subsidies and contracting of private companies to do work our Government employees and agencies can easily get paid to do, our Government is actually picking winners and losers in our economy equally as much as any State-sponsored Communist country would do.

That anyone even actually believes we have a free market economy is just another testament to the power and reach afforded these billionaire Corporations, who also own all of our national media. And they, likewise, receive billions in subsidies and government contracts every year.

When confronted with the classic fox in the henhouse dilemma, we have been working with and supporting the fox to try and maintain the henhouse. This is madness. But almost every day, we all get to hear someone on the news talking about working with these business interests to achieve societal goals, and that we need to subsidize this or that to reach a desired goal. All along, the answer has been right in front of us, and it is plain, we need to put the fox down entirely. Only then can the henhouse thrive.

It is important to get to the actual root cause of any issue when trying to fix something. No matter how we look at it, no matter how many issues we have confronting us, whether it is money in politics and undue influence by the billionaire class, global climate change, education, medical care costs, unemployment and the economy, our continued involvement in conflicts and wars around the globe, all of it can be traced back to where the money comes from, the billionaire class created by these monolithic companies that suck down the tax dollars and credit of every American.

Every single one of these giant businesses have an agenda, a business model, and an ideal profitable environment. With their huge influence on politics, is it really any surprise, then, that their corporate policies and agendas become our national policies? It should not come as a shock at all that Americans feel disconnected from their government, and they feel like they are not being represented properly. Because it’s the truth.

So, what would an America look like that chose to end it’s government subsidies? It depends on the issue. Let’s examine a couple.

1.) Climate change and fossil fuel dependency.

Today, we give over 650 billion dollars in subsidies to the fossil fuel industry annually. By comparison, the subsidies to green technologies, like wind and solar, are a mere fraction of that. It is no secret that wind and solar, combined with energy storage systems like batteries and even generators that run on hydrogen produced when excess power is created during the day, is hundreds of times cheaper than coal, natural gas, and nuclear power. And any CO2 from the production of wind and solar products is completely offset by the longevity of power production without CO2 emissions. Since green power is vastly cheaper than fossil fuels, eliminating subsidies to both would cause an immediate shift toward those green technologies that would put a halt to our greenhouse gas issues. Not a single environmental law would need to be passed, the free and open market would decide, and we would go green overnight.

Then there is the great issue of all our conflicts around the world as the United States seeks to control the oil and gas markets. Granted, some in our Government pursue this control of other governments, their pipelines, shipping lanes, and oil and gas wells, in an effort to secure our own nation’s energy security. But it is not really the US that benefits from these endeavors, because the US Government does not sell oil and gas. It is the fossil fuel companies and our large corporations that make up the private intelligence contracting and the military industrial complex that profit. Again, with green power production, all of our global militarism would cease. The giant fossil fuel companies that now make more money from government subsidies than they do selling their actual products, would go bankrupt instantly. And nobody would ever miss them.

2.) Medical costs, drug costs, and medical insurance.

When you ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, it is common to hear things like firefighters, police, teachers, etc. It is rare to hear a child say they want to be a lawyer or a doctor. But ask any parent what they want their kids to be, and it is usually lawyers and doctors. Why? Because every parent knows how much Lawyers and doctors make, and they want their kids to make plenty of money and live a more prosperous life then they have.

Most of us regular people have been in a place where they are doing eye surgeries or colonoscopies. A couple doctors book patients 15 minutes apart, and they perform procedures for 6 to 8 hours straight. Those doctors make enough money to buy a brand new $70,000 car in a single day. They are gaming the system, and overcharging for services. The hospitals and surgery centers most of these doctors operate out of were usually paid for by local bond measures, free taxpayer money given to a private company, then they charge us again to use those same facilities.

Pharmaceutical companies buy each other out and monopolize medication patents, then raise drug prices thousands of times over actual costs of production. The drugs they are competing for ownership of were mostly developed through government grants in the fight against diseases. That means us, the taxpayers, paid the money for those drugs to be developed. Then, we give those pharma companies billions in subsidies directly, under the guise of bringing down costs for all of us. We also buy these medications when we need them. This is an instance of the taxpayer paying for something 3 times. In any Socialist or Communist country, we would only pay once. And we wonder how our national debt can be increasing by a trillion dollars each year.

We pay into medical insurance plans. Traditionally, insurance companies profit slightly by insuring more people than those that might need a payout on a claim. But medical insurance is different. Everyone needs health care all of the time, so everyone with medical insurance requires payouts regularly. Since this business model makes no sense for profitability, they also receive tremendous government subsidies to prop themselves up. And they routinely manage to turn billions in profits. If health care costs were governed by the prices consumers were willing to pay, instead of what doctors have come to expect in this subsidy-bloated market, the insurance companies would go out of business as people paid for their medical care directly from their own pockets. In the case of severe medical issues, even the States or Government could step in and help people directly, without any 3rd party company sticking it’s foot in the door and scooping up record profits being the middleman between the People and their Government.

These 2 examples are not the end. Likewise, every single issue facing us today, we are trying to solve by throwing taxpayer money at it. That money goes directly into the hands of profit-driven or agenda-driven Corporations and non-profit Foundations, mostly owned and managed by Corporations. These business and policy making groups have made themselves into indispensable 3rd parties to our Government, and no matter the agenda or the cost, we are all paying their way. We feel it in our taxes and lack of representation in our own government, but there is also a hidden cost, our national debt increases and our position on the world stage as a dishonest and two-faced nation, instead of a nation seeking justice, peace, and prosperity, not just for ourselves, but for our allies and partners as well.

Eliminating all Government subsidies would return our entire economic system to what we proudly proclaim that it is, a true Capitalist system. By relieving ourselves of the burden of billionaire leeches who exist entirely on our tax dollars, we will also get big money out of our politics, and return to our original democratic republic. With this one simple Bill, all of our big issues can be dealt with as they were meant to be, by the people themselves, through communication with their representatives in Congress, or by direct vote.

As it stands now, we are clearly not a Democracy, nor a Republic, nor even a socialist nation. We have gotten so corrupt that we have fallen into a pure corporatocracy. The Corporations hold the power over our government, and the government itself holds power over the people. It is time to fix this once and for all by addressing the 1 singular root issue, and cutting them all off from their free handouts.

The actual individual people themselves can still be assisted with subsidies. There are many on welfare programs, are disabled, or receive Social Security payments they have earned through their life of work. Many people worked for our Government and they deserve their pensions. Nothing in this Bill would halt any of those payments to the people themselves. It would only stop 3rd parties from getting involved and receiving taxpayer money to fulfill a government function.

Anything we need at the Government level can be paid for by the taxpayers through a Government agency. We don’t need private business interests making our goods and services. Companies can make goods and provide services for the open market. Anything vital to our own national infrastructure can be produced by our Government agencies. And none of what is made or produced by our Government agencies is allowed on the open market. Many might scoff at this, citing how our Government red tape and cost overruns are bad enough already. But again, the only reason the overruns are so high, is these very 3rd party profiteers. Paying the big Corporations extra to provide the things we need is the root problem. We end up paying for everything twice, and sometimes more than that.

This is the methodology by which we fix our nation. This is how we take our country back to what was intended. This is how we set ourselves up for a bright future for all of us. And, in the process, set ourselves, and our Government, in a position where we can actually address all of the major issues of our day.


Proposed Bill



To prohibit the Government’s issuing of money, credit, property, or resources, to any business, corporation, or foundation.


Section 1. Short title

This Act may be referred to as the “Ending Government Subsidies Act of 2020”.


Since the day our Constitution was ratified, it has been all American’s common goal to create a more just, fair, and prosperous society. In the pursuit of that prosperity, and dedicated to the common welfare, the Legislative branch of our Government has used monetary incentives to stimulate our national economy, promote certain goods or services, or to invest in developing technologies and infrastructures.

Today, however, this practice, the subsidizing of endeavors deemed beneficial to our nation and it’s citizens, has been abused by private businesses and other for-profit and non-profit entities, and our subsidies have reached a point where upwards of 1/2 of our national budget is comprised of burdens on the taxpayers that do nothing to help and support themselves, but instead, enrich a handful of the largest business interests.

This abuse of the subsidy system by private, for profit interests, have left the majority of American’s in a country which has declining infrastructure, declining quality of life, and an overall decline in the purpose of these subsidies to begin with, promoting the public welfare and moving us forward into a prosperous future, and in creating a better union.

This Act, by eliminating all Government subsidies to for-profit and non-profit entities alike, is the most fair and just solution to overcome the greatest ill of our time, and indeed, the greatest ill that can befall any nation, which is the enslavement of it’s citizens by parasitic business interests who’s profits are ensured, not through a free and open capitalistic market, but through taxpayer money used to pick economic winners and losers.


Private interests.

Private interests, referred to in this Act, include any and all for-profit businesses and corporations, any non-profit foundations, or any private groups made up of individuals who seek to conduct business for the purpose of making a profit, or any private groups made up of people who’s purpose is to provide services or goods to either the United States Government, any of it’s agencies or branches, or the citizens of the United States.

Private interests do not include singular, individual, actual citizens.

Rules and Provisions.

1. No Government money, credit, property, resources, or any thing of value may be issued to any Private interests.

2. Nothing in this Act prohibits the Government or it’s Agencies from making direct payments to the actual citizens individually.

Effective Date.

This Act shall take effect within 30 days of it’s final approval.




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