Hello friends. I want to tell you, never lose hope, don’t allow hopelessness to sink in. Times are crazy right now for sure, climate change is wreaking havoc on our planet, we are on the cusp of war. But take heart, we have the power to fix this. We are not as powerless as we think we are.

The thing is, we have been looking to our leaders and asking patiently for some time now, hoping they will do the right thing. But as we can see, that day will not come. This makes one thing clear, we can’t wait for our leaders to enforce the changes. It’s up to us to do it. We need to take our future into our own hands. It is time that we make demands of our leaders and don’t take no for an answer.

It’s one thing to make a ruckus that has no clear path or direction, but what about a ruckus with a direct purpose? There are root causes of our problems, and the root causes are corporate greed. These greedy oligarchs have bought our representatives to the degree that our representatives no longer represent the people. They work on behalf of those who Lobby them. This my friends is the cause of war, and climate destruction. If the wealthy were not allowed to donate to our representatives then our reps would not owe them anything, and would work for the people again.

The only reason we are still using fossil fuels is because we are being forced to by the mega corporations who don’t want to lose their grip on power. They are holding the world back. When cars were first invented they were electric. How is it possible in this day and age, we are still using fossil fuels? Because of this we are destroying our planet. We are holding back innovation and new technologies. Not only that we are killing innocent people in wars. We have killed over 20 million people in our wars since world war II. It’s time that we switch over to using an energy source that we don’t have to exchange the blood of children to produce.

Here is how we can end wars and climate destruction, we must make demands. We must demand a law is passed that outlaws money in politics effective immediately. No more PAC, or Lobby money. Second we must demand a law passed that we end gov subsidies. Did you know we spend more money on subsidies than we do on war? If we were not paying them subsidies, most of them would have failed long ago, and we would have a different world right now.

We must act peacefully and demand these things. Here’s how we do it. Everyone contact your reps and begin demanding this, call them every single day, write them letters and email them. We must utilize the power of our Democracy to make them listen. Second we must take to the streets, peacefully. We must have peaceful and purposeful protests. Take the protests to the door of your representatives, demand these two things and proclaim that until we get these things we will not stand down. We should not stop no matter what until our demands are met. All of our lives are on the line.

In 11 years or less 1/2 the world will be facing extreme water shortages, many will run dry. Millions will die. This is a fight for our lives. What is happening in Australia is just the first signs, that devastation will reach everyone. We must do this so that we can save this planet, so that the children of tomorrow can live.

We must also take up the yoke of responsibility and participate in our Democracy. Those who have stolen our representation depend on our complacency. They depend on our inaction. Our founders gave us this Democracy, and it is our birth right to express it. We have a system in place right now that puts the power in the hands of the people. We are more powerful than we realize. We must vote, and always let our reps know how we want represented. If we are not being represented, we must impeach or recall without hesitation.

We must never again vote a rep in any office, who takes PAC or Lobby money. This will change everything. Don’t wait for a savior who will fix everything. They aren’t coming. We have to save ourselves. You are the one who will save this planet and end the corruption that is destroying it. You are the one you have been waiting for.

A last word, I am not normally in favor of protesting, I believe voting is the most powerful tool we have. But in this case it is not about upending or causing chaos. It is out of love for our planet and our children. It must be a movement of peace, but with firm determination, with no compromises. We must demand change, in this case it is going to take a bit more than our vote. We need laws to keep the 1% from stealing our representation and destroying our planet. Protesting in this case is not the goal, it is to get our demands met. It is with a direct purpose.

Be safe, be peaceful, make your voice heard. We have a planet to save. We have wars to end.

You are the path.

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  1. Matt

    This is a good piece. It is vital that we do not lose hope for a better tomorrow and for good change to come. Hope is what is keeping me in the game. I have to have have some hope that a better world will begin with a president like Bernie Sanders; a person whom does not lack empathy and compassion. I think meaningful change has to start with somebody that possesses these key character traits.

    • Justice

      I agree with you 100%. Thank you for saying it so well. That is a huge part of how we will fix this. We need to replace every single rep, and President who’s values are not aligned with those of the people. It is in our hands. I have great hope that we will overcome this.

  2. Anonymous

    If people truly understood our government subsidy system, they would be outraged. We often hear about welfare, food stamps, and “entitlements”, and how people are receiving help at other’s expense. But we never get to hear how that assistance to the people is a literal drop in the bucket compared to corporate welfare, both through subsidies and contracts with the government. Usually, those contracts with the government are for services the government already did themselves, except once privatized, they now cost 1000 times more, and it makes these giant corporations an indispensable 3rd party to the function of our government agencies, making them too big to fail. The media always portrays poor Americans as sponges who absorb all of our tax money, and they blame the poor as the reason we can’t afford nice things. This is utter bullsh*t. All of our assistance to the poor people adds up to peanuts compared to corporate welfare. And when paid shills start screaming about our tax dollars helping people with entitlements, please remind them that our tax dollars do not cover the cost of all the welfare programs. Our national debt covers the cost of welfare, our actual tax revenues don’t even cover the interest payments on our 23 trillion debt. And when we think about trimming the fat from that debt, over half of our budget is purely corporate subsidies. One might think, in a capitalist system, that the free and open markets dictate winners and losers, but with these subsidies, our corrupt government officials and representatives is picking winners and losers. When we understand this clearly, we will see we live in anti-capitalist society, with no free market. And yet, people still believe we are living in the land of the free, just because we were taught that growing up, and hear it on the news every day. It is lies. Think critically. I applaud the Pen of Justice for pointing this nonsense out.

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