If it wasn’t for the 1% we wouldn’t be killing the innocent in wars, our planet wouldn’t be burning to the ground. I have always believed we should do things the peaceful way. I 100% see the possibility of how we could solve this through the power of our democracy. The question is do we have the time? That kind of transition takes a few years to see results. I think it is time to peacefully kick some ass.

Did you know that since world war II the United States has killed over 20 million people in our wars? That is a conservative estimate it could be up to 30 million. These wars are made possible with your tax dollars. Without us and our money these wars would not be possible. And why the hell are we fighting in these damned wars in the first place? It’s all about the oil, and the oligarchs profiting off of this death and destruction. We trade the blood of children on the open stock exchange. How is this even a reality?

This reality is only made possible through us. They need us in order to perpetuate it. The only way they can continue this is to keep us all trapped in ignorance and fear. They rely on dividing us with nonstop senseless news that is meaningless in order that we might hate one another. They have us working like slaves occupied day and night working two jobs, with no medical, and shitty pay until the day we die.

That’s how they can get away with it. We have to remain ignorant, and silent. We have to be too busy to stop and look up. At what point will we not stand for it anymore? I thought surely when we locked children in cages on our own soil like animals, or when we began participating in a genocide in Yemen that would be the final straw, but we just accepted it. We watched Syria be destroyed under Obama, people throwing themselves into the sea to escape our hand of death. Now The Trump administration wants to get us in a war with Iran. They have been itching to get us in this war, it has been on the agenda for some time. Iran is a beautiful nation. We have no business turning it to dust. We have no business killing the people of Iraq in a proxy war. What we are doing is criminal beyond all comprehension.

When one of us, or someone we love gets seriously ill, it’s so hard on us. When someone we love dies our world ends. We get the luxury of mourning for years if we so choose. Life matters preciously. But what about the people of the middle east, are they not human, do they not feel pain, and joy the same as you and me? How is it that we can bomb a bus full of children and still sleep at night? Those are real living precious children. There is some sort of disconnect happening that the people would accept something so heinous. If you were to see one of those children in person after a bomb was dropped I assure you that you would care.

We have already killed millions. How many more will we allow the 1% to kill in our name? How many more children will be blown apart? How many more mothers will weep to the heavens? How many more fathers will rise up in revenge after we have slain his family? Will we only stand up and demand an end when the war is on our own soil? It is time to stand up against these monsters who reign death on the innocent in our names.

Not only this, our nation and the world is trapped in the fossil fuel age by these monsters, all for their greed. The world has paid a heavy price for their greed. Rivers of blood have been spilled. Our planet is being destroyed, our waters and air are being contaminated so that they wont lose their grip on their power and wealth.

Did you know that when cars were first invented they were electric? Yes, it’s true, it’s hard to imagine that we are still using coal and oil. Nikola Tesla could foresee the dangers of fossil fuels, his vision was for us to go green and give free energy to the entire world. The greedy corporations of his day couldn’t have this, they shut him down. He spent his life looking at the world that he brought forth and electrified. He knew that we weren’t ready for the world he envisioned. He said, “The present is theirs, the future for which I really worked, is mine”.

Think about how advanced our world has become. We can carry the world in our pocket. We are on the cusp of true quantum supremacy and here we are still burning coal, and oil. Our cities and streets are littered with electrical wires. The two worlds just don’t match up.

The truth is we have been partly held back because the powerful don’t want to let go of their grip on their empires. They are holding us back, they are holding back the entire world. Thankfully we are advancing without them anyways. But its not fast enough.

We are facing an emergency like never before, 1/2 of our world could be facing fresh water shortages in as little as 11 years, many nations will run dry completely. Do you understand what this means? This means that we wont be able to grow crops in many of the places that we do now. It means that there will be mass starvation. There will be migration. There will be war. Look at what we do to nations for oil, what will we do when it is water we are seeking?

Now is the time for action, we cant wait even one more day. Our fresh water sources are being contaminated by the day. We can’t afford for even one more drop to be lost to contamination or be used up in fracking.

It is imperative that we go green immediately. We already have enough technology available to us right now to switch over. We don’t need to wait for any new technology. We can’t afford to lose any more water to dirty energy. We don’t need to kill anymore children in our wars for oil. Enough is enough! Will we wait to act until the taps run dry? Then it will be too late. The time to act is now. This is also a win win because when we get off of fossil fuels it will have an impact on CO2 levels.

How do we do this? We must demand an end to all subsidies. No more funding dirty energy. We must demand that we get money out of politics, we must never elect another soul who takes PAC or lobby money. We need to get our heads on right and look at root causes of our problems. If you see a weed it wont die by crying about it, you need to get the proper tool and pull it out by the root, you need to get the whole root too, otherwise it will just grow back.

The 1% are only allowed to get away with the rape of our earth because our politicians are bought and paid for. It is time to end this. We have the power to do this. This is the power that the founders put in our hands, and we should utilize it. We need to contact our reps, and tell them that we demand they stop taking corporate money immediately. We must demand that we don’t subsidize corporations anymore. Let the business succeed or fail on their own, not on the backs of the people. Demand clean energy demand an end to fossil fuels.

It is past time that we stop asking, we must demand it. We don’t have anymore time to waste. Running out of water will be the great equalizer for all life on this planet. We can’t afford to find out what that will be like. But I will tell you right now, to take a good look at what Australia is going through, because all around the world this will be happening. The drought is so bad, the fires are raging, animals are so desperate for a drop of water that they are begging the humans to help them. How can we see this and not weep? How? I bet the people of Australia didn’t imagine that this would actually be happening to them, but here it is happening. So too will it be for us. Even now the last of Australia’s water is being sold to China, while they don’t even have enough water for themselves. Our lives are not for sale. You don’t have the right to sell what belongs to all of us.

It is time for us to take to the streets in a peaceful way, and demand these things, every single day until we are given it. I normally don’t think protesting is the best angle because I can clearly see that the only lasting solution is through the power of our democracy. But in the meantime we don’t have anymore time, our voices must be heard loud and clear immediately. We must still participate in our democracy but it is time to take to the streets and let the 1% know that their time is over. It is time for the people to unite, and save this planet. The things we need to do to save the planet are simple, they can be done. But the 1% wont let us, it’s time to change that.

Lets end the blood shed in these horrific senseless wars. Lets end the destruction of our beautiful planet that gives us our lives.

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