Our nation is divided to the point that it is destroying us from the inside out. Many of us are upset at Trump supporters. I see many people developing a genuine hatred towards them. We are striking up a cold civil war right here on our own soil. Brothers are going up against sisters, children against parents. I see story after story of families being torn apart, one mans son who was a Trump supporter wore a Trump shirt to visit his progressive father on his death bed just to harm him. When I see these real life stories, my heart is torn. I can see that this division has gone too far, it has reached deep into our personal lives and in many cases is tearing us apart at the family level. One other person shared a story that they were a Bernie supporter but couldn’t be public with it in fear of retaliation because they live in an area with Trump supporters. They said they were genuinely fearful for their lives.

I have talked to many Trump supporters and I have argued with them, and I will say that I have been told that I deserve to die on several occasions just for the views I hold. But what I found out, through my conversations with them is that even though they speak against climate science, and speak often of ridding the planet of all the people on the left, those are just the extreme Trump supporters, most of them actually love this planet. They are people just like you and me. They love to hear heart warming stories, and stories of justice. They get angry when they hear of injustices. They love their families, and friends. Many of them love animals. They like to be in the outdoors and go camping and hiking.

So here’s my point, is that they are just human beings. If we become consumed by our hatred for them, we will never be able to see them as human beings. If we don’t begin to see them as human beings we will never be able to understand them. And they will never be able to understand us.

No matter what, we cant get rid of them, and they cant get rid of us. This only leaves us with one solution, and that is to try and end our strong divisions. We must find some common ground with them, and meet in the middle and find a way to move forward, that works for all of us, and the planet. I do believe this is possible.

We don’t have to agree on all of our stances, rather we should find what we do agree on, and build upon that.

We don’t have to fight with them about their views, they hold them for a reason. How would you feel if someone told you that you were a monster, and that your views were wrong? Would you be angry? One thing is for sure you wouldn’t be willing to listen to what the other person had to say after that.

If we could just learn to see each other on a human level with respect and understanding we could share facts with each other, instead of fighting.

If we attack each other for our beliefs, without understanding what has made them believe as they do, they will never listen to you. You will have much better luck if  you take the time to kindly share all of the facts with them in a sound way. They are more likely to listen to you and maybe even take it into consideration.

We will never heal our nation or move forward if we don’t start to see one another as human beings.

Our nation is falling apart if we continue down this path, it will not end well. You don’t have to like what they like, but if we can just take a deep breath, and see one another as human beings it will at least be a start in the right direction.

I will give you one example. Many Trump supporters believe strongly in capitalism. They have strong beliefs that they need to see a strong economy, this is part of why they hold onto the ideas of fossil fuels as the only answer, because it is what they know. This is what they have been told. They genuinely believe the economy will crumble if we leave fossil fuels behind. They are afraid of change.

But the truth is that the economy will not suffer if we switch over to green energy. We have to look deeply at why they believe the way they do, and why they hold the views they do, so that we can understand them. If we don’t understand them we cant help them to understand us. Do you see where I am going with this?

They need to know that the economy can still be strong, and they need to know why and how. This is easy enough to explain. As we speak, the cost of green energy like wind, and solar is getting cheaper by the day, it is now cheaper than other sources. It has great potential to bring new jobs. There are so many pros with this, not only is it cheaper and will bring new jobs, but it is cleaner. Not only that we wont have to go to war and take any lives to produce it. It’s a win win.

These are conversations we can have, but we can’t have them until we see them, and treat them as human beings. We must find common ground so that we can move forward. We are not enemies, we are all brothers and sisters in humanity. We all share this planet, and for better or worse we must find a way to get along or we are doomed as a species. You can clearly see where not listening has gotten us, thus far. It is time for us to unite, and not see one another as a party but a human being.

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