How true wealth is defined

Many people think that to be wealthy means to have lots of money, or assetts. I am afraid that I would have to disagree. I define wealth by what a man has in his heart, not what he has in his bank account. Likewise some believe in class, that if you are wealthy you are from a higher class, than those who are poor. Again, I would have to disagree. A persons wealth, or possessions, are not what gives them their class. Your class is determined by what is in your heart, and what kind of person you are.

The greatest wealth’s that a man can have are those that are not bought with money.
One such wealth is a kind and untroubled heart. If a man has anger or resentment in his heart, he will never find happiness. Another such wealth is to have your health, perhaps that is the greatest of all of the wealth’s. Without your health then all of the wealth in the world will not do you any good. Another wealth is to have in your life those who you love. This is another of the greatest wealth’s. We cant know for how long we will have our loved ones. Every single day is a gift. It is the greatest gift of all.

If a man does not already posses happiness, money will never bring him that happiness. Happiness cannot be measured in things. They can bring temporary joy, but as soon as it wears off your misery returns, and you seek yet another purchase to quiet the pain.

Everyone even the poor already have enough to be happy, it is just that many people do not realize this. They are wishing, running, and seeking, they say I will be happy when……… But that when never comes. If only they could realize that all along they already had everything that could make them truly happy. For example if a person gets sick they would say, “if only I could get better I would be so happy, I would never take my health for granted again”. Then when they get better, they are truly grateful for a few days, then they forget, and go back to seeking, and wanting all over again.

We don’t need an illness, or a loss, to teach us that we already have enough to be happy. All we need to do is some deep looking, and see all of the wonders, that we already have in our life, and how rich we truly are already.

It is amazing if we have eyes to see, or if we have the ability to walk, or that we have healthy lungs to breathe with, or a healthy heart that beats in our body. Ask a person who has lost these things, if they could have anything in the world in order to have true happiness, they would tell you, the greatest joy would be to see again, or walk again, or breathe again, or a heart that functions properly again.

We all need money in order to survive. But we only need our basic comforts to be met in order to be free of misery. We all want the same things. Every living being wants to be free of harm, to not be sick. To have a shelter, and enough food to be happy. Anything beyond those basic comforts are not necessities for happiness. They will not bring us the true happiness that we seek. The only thing that will bring us that true happiness is that which we already have, and many take for granted every day.

We should not let one day pass by without realizing what a gift it is just to be alive, or to be with those we love if we are so lucky. To have our health to what ever degree we have it. Even if you are sick, to just realize what is not wrong and be grateful. Life passes us by in the blink of an eye. We shouldn’t waste even one day. Always tell your loved ones what is in your heart. Don’t leave anything unsaid. If you love them say it every day. Make every single day a celebration of life. You don’t need a holiday to celebrate life. You don’t need to wait till valentines or your anniversary to tell your loved one that you love them. Life can be celebrated and appreciated deeply in every single moment.

May all beings be free of suffering, may all of us find comfort and true happiness. May all of us find the true wealth that we already posses. I hope the best for us all.

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