The Flow of Time

When contemplating the flow of time. It appears that Time is in movement, we look at the past, and into the future, and we see it much like driving somewhere, where we are in movement. It seems as though we have moved forward in a long journey that we call a life span. But upon closer inspection, there has been no moving forward in time. Everthing has happened from this one point. It can be likened to an exploding flower, or a kaleidoscoping flower that is infinitely blooming in place, in constant transformation and flux. All of that journey has happened right here where you stand, with your same self, and your perspective of looking out from your eyes. It has never occurred at any other place, other than right here.

Likewise we break up our life into moments. This moment and then the next moment, and all of our past moments. But upon closer inspection of the moment, you will see that there are no consecutive moments. There is only ever this one continuous moment, and upon closer inspection even that moment fades away, and all you have is the thusness of being, and upon closer inspection even that fades into not.

The cause of this ignorance is the mind. It is thoughts, and ideas, and labels, that make us perceive the world in ways other than they actually are. We misperceive reality, because we are projecting. We project mind images onto the whole universe. We do not see it for what it is.

This occurs because the mind has a quality that can be likened to a river. It seems to flow forward in time. The mind never ceases, not even during sleep. During our waking hours our mind seems to move endlessly, with one thought form morphing into another, in a continuous succession. It never takes a break, at the end of the day when exhaustion has overtaken us, we fall asleep, but the mind doesn’t. It continues on, in the form of dreams, even in sleep the mind is still working things out.

The mind is a life form unto itself. It is a collection of energies, and imprints passed onto us from all of our encounters in life, since our first days in the womb. Those energies evolve and change. The mind never lets us rest. But then who is it that can see the mind moving? Who is it that is able to see the mind? Could it be that we are not just the thoughts that are morphing and flowing, but that we are that which sees it all happening? Could it be that we have mistaken ourself for the thoughts rather than what is seeing them? When the master returns to his rightful place, perhaps there will be the stopping of the flow of mind. And, this one eternal moment, will be experienced in its simpleness and fundamental nature.

What is your perception of time, is it real or a mind made invention?