Life is a miracle

Life is a precious gift. Every day that we get the chance to wake up again is a gift beyond measure. We do not know what day could be our last. Life is fragile and fleeting. We get caught up in distractions and day to day life and we sometimes don’t have the chance to really take a deep look at what we really have and just how precious it all is.

We have so many opinions and we see the world through them like a filter it colors our world and tints it to the color of our mind. We are conditioned beings. Every thought we have is something that we learned from somewhere else. It is reborn into us and we call it a self. Because no two people ever experience the same two moments we are as unique as a snowflake.

We look around the world and we label it with our conditioned ideas. We look at the trees and we don’t see them just for what they are, instead we see them with every idea that has ever been imprinted on our mind, it is an accumulation of moments that we call tree. Every experience of seeing a tree since the day we were born.

But, in reality there is no place in that tree that can be called tree. The tree is made of all that is. The universe is vast and since beginningless time everything that you see all around you has always been. We look at the earth and give it a designation and an age. We say this earth, or this continent is so and so billions of years old. But, we only need to look deeper and we will see that it is age without number. It has existed since before time. The earth is made of countless aeons of exploded stars that filled the heavens. The dust of stars coalesced and created this form we call earth. Even now dust rains down from the heavens and we make wishes upon them and call them shooting stars. That dust rains down and becomes what we call soil. That dust is beyond age. It was forged in the heavens and has no age or designation.

This dust that we call soil, it becomes the food we eat. Elements of the universe are in constant transformation from one form to another. The dust of stars becomes carrot. This carrot or this drop of water, it’s age cannot be measured because the particles that made it up existed since before time. The form of carrot contains within it the whole of the universe. When you drink that water or eat that carrot your body is then made from all that is. You are all of the elements of the universe in the current form of you. You can cry and laugh, you can think, and express. The very stars in the heavens express in your form.

We lament thinking one day I will be no more. But show me a thing that has ever been made to disappear? You think you can destroy something but that is impossible. You can only change its form. Everything that has ever existed is here and now in this form and moment. We contain within us the history of all that has ever been, it is alive and well in us now. Your mother and your father, your ancestors they are all alive in you now. You are a continuation of all who have come before you. You live on their minds and bodies in your form. They have passed on to you their bodies and their minds and you have evolved them into this moment. You as well cannot ever be removed from the whole of existence. Every cell in your body is indestructible. It will change form but can never be removed from the whole.

Each moment in the past was like a row of dominoes it created this moment that we call now and everything is written there in this moment. This moment contains the whole of the universe. The future as well already exists, it is made up of these moments that we call now. Each breath, each minute gust of wind, every thought that has been passed down through time will create what we call the future. The dominoes are set in motion. Calculated by every blade of grass and every star in the sky. You cannot be removed from the whole you were always there, you can never be removed from the whole. Everything that ever was is what you are now, and everything that ever will be is what you are now.

You are part of something immense, what a joyous occasion to realize it now. To be alive in this moment and to know that you are alive. It is a miracle beyond wonder. With each breath we can be nourished by the whole cosmos. We are a being made from the universe, we are ageless and wondrous. Is this not a cause for celebration?

To awaken to the day and watch the sun rise again, fall across the sky and give birth to a sky full of stars and the moon that is the heart beat of our earth. It is a wondrous miracle. To hear the birds chirping with such a delight as though they are celebrating in every moment. As the sun rises the birds begin a song of celebration as though it were the lord himself. The sun brings new life to the day it nourishes and replenishes all life on earth. The birds song contains within it the whole of the universe and they express that joy of this one moment of being alive with all that they have. Truly life is a miracle.

To be alive today and to hold the ones who you love is the greatest miracle of all.

You are not separate from anything in the whole universe when you breathe the whole universe breathes with you. We see ourselves as separate from everything and everyone else. But in reality there is no separation.

Take for instance a drop of water imagine that you remove one drop of water from the ocean, now imagine you put that drop of water back in the ocean. Can you get that drop of water back out? No, you can’t because it has become one with the whole ocean. It is like that with our life. Every part of us comes from this earth we are made up of all of the elements of the earth and they are made from the whole universe. This earth is much like a womb the air you breath is not separate from the air anyone else breathes, we all breathe from the same womb. We all cry the same tears as salty as the sea, because we are all made of the same elements. We all share this life, no matter how big or
small we are. If we are a human being, or a micro-organism we all share the same womb.

Many people say the term ashes to ashes dust to dust. But this is a wrong term. That is to say we will go back to the earth when we “so called” die. How can we go back to something when we are the earth right now? We are just another form of the earth. We are all of the elements in this form. If for two weeks in your life since you were conceived if you would have gone without water your form would cease to be, if for one month you went without food your form would cease to be. You are constantly taking in elements in the form of food and drink. They are
merely transformed earth, and cosmic elements, as you take them in they continue you on into the future, in the form of you.

When you take a drink of water you are literally drinking water that has been one with the ocean, since one drop cannot be separated from the whole, you are taking in the whole ocean. With each bite of food, you eat the sunshine and the stars. It is quite miraculous. You are the ocean of life. Each breath we breathe with this understanding is a cause for celebration.

I hope your day is filled with joy, and that all of the wonders of life are apparent to you in every moment.