Kindness and Interbeing

All beings of the world are connected. We are all made from the same universe. We are made from the sun, the water, and the air.

All beings of the world seek comfort and freedom from suffering.

We all feel the same emotions such as joy, pain and sorrow. At the fundamental level we are all the same. We are all born, and we will all die.

We are all born with our own unique self, we are all conditioned to see the world slightly different because none of us have experienced the exact same moments.

The heart of every man contains the seed of goodness.

Kindness and love are laws of nature. Even trees grow towards one another.

A full grown tree sends nutrients to the sapling beneath her. Kindness is everywhere.

A lion, the most fierce animal in the wild, tenderly nurtures its own cub.

Without kindness none of us would exist. Kindness and love are what makes all life possible. Without some form of love, you would not be alive today. It is through the love and the kindness of others that we exist.

All beings inter-are. There is no place where one thing does not flow into another. We are all born of the same elements. The same elements make up all of us equally. If I breathe in and then out, you cannot separate that air from the air of the whole. This earth is a womb, and we all share life together in that womb as one.

Try to remove yourself from the whole, try to separate yourself, you cannot.

There is no self apart from the whole.

If a man has hatred for another, it is only because he does not understand that he is them, and they are him.  The only thing that separates beings are the thoughts in our minds.

Every man has a seed of goodness in his heart. Goodness is our basic nature.