A lot of people in our nation have given up hope. I want to tell you, we should never ever give up hope. A person should never give up as long as they are still alive. If we give up and give in things will only continue to get even worse. The things we don’t want to see around us will only increase and intensify. We need to push back, if we don’t there will be no opposing side.

People who have given up and who no longer have faith in the system are not wrong. They have every right, to have become this way. For too long our nation has been overtaken by corruption, our nation is for sale to the highest bidder, it is time we take our nation back.

We can’t take our nation back by being upset and sitting back. We need to get involved and take real action. For a long time we have allowed them to divide us, they have sown division, and hatred in our minds. We no longer have empathy, or trust, for our fellow man. Our Democracy has been hi-jacked. We need to root out the thieves of democracy, and stop the sale of our nation. We cannot allow a corporation to speak for the ethics, and morals of an entire nation. We can no longer let them buy what we stand for.

What the corporations stand for have nothing to do, with what the people stand for. We the people, stand for justice, and hope, we stand for just being able to live a decent life, and to be free from suffering, that is the plight of all men. But the corporations have only one goal, it is power and money. This set of goals is a destroyer of all that is good in this world. Ethics, and morals, do not have a breath, in goals such as these. Everything good is snuffed out.

This is the reason, we are seeing a genocide taking place, in the name of our nation, all for arms deals. A corporation does not bat an eye, at using the blood of children as a commodity. But that is not the heart of the common man. Human beings are not able to agree to atrocities such as these. Real human beings would not kill even one child for any amount of money, but corporations will kill them by the millions. It is just another day in the office for them.

This is why we must also work to end citizens united. How can a corporation be considered a person when they don’t even have a heart? These ruthless monsters have bought our nation. They have stolen our democracy, and made our nation stand for something that it does not stand for. The hand of our nation is dripping in blood. If the corporations have it their way, they will carve up every last piece of the earth, because there is no part of this earth that is not for sale. While they are carving up the earth, and using every speck of dust as a commodity, and even using the blood of our children as a commodity, they are destroying everything, that all of us hold dear. They are destroying us, they are destroying our minds, they are destroying our air, and our water. They do not care.

They will not stop until they have used up every last drop of anything that can be sold. They are even selling our minds. They have now taken to us as a commodity. We would think that they can take everything, but they can’t take our minds, but now they can. They are truly working on technology, to do just that. Even our own privacy has been sold.

So of course we are down trodden, of course we are angry, of course we are at our breaking point. Of course we no longer want to participate in this. It is time that we stop standing on the sidelines, and being the victims. It is time that we step in, and take back our democracy, and reclaim what our nation stands for.

We have allowed them to sow division. They have ill-treated us for so long, and ruled over us, that we now see them, as an us, and them. They have started to see themselves in this light as well, they see themselves as rulers over us, with authority, instead of being our representatives. At a Trump rally he told his crowd that they were loyal citizens. What do you mean loyal citizens? You are not our ruler, you are our representative, you are supposed to represent the will of the people, not the other way around. We are your employers.

A zen master once said, it is better to walk an inch, than to talk a mile. So we have two options, we can concentrate on what is wrong, and keep pointing it out in the years to come, or we can take action. We can start doing actions that make the changes we seek. We need to make these changes from the ground up.

The way the system works now is that they no longer listen to the voice of the people, and we no longer share our voice with them. We just talk about what they are doing to us all, amongst ourselves.

What we need to do is start participating. No matter who gets elected, be it a democrat or republican, they are now your representative. You need to see to it that they are representing the will of the people. We need to start holding our representatives accountable, and holding their feet to the fire. Every single district, and state, needs to participate, and make their representatives do the job they were hired to do. If they do not, then we need to fire them, re-call them, impeach them what ever!

We need to get involved, and know exactly what our reps are doing, and voting on, in our name. They need to make it all public, on an easy accessible website. If we do not agree with something, we need to make it known. We need to call them off the hook, write them letters, and take to the streets in protest if they do not listen to the will of the people. If that don’t work they should lose their job. If they are not representing the will of the people, then they are not our representatives.

We must become active participants in our own governance, and reclaim our democracy. We can make this a nation by the people for the people. We can change this nation from the ground up, one person at a time. Let’s start today.

We have been deceived for so long, and corruption has become rife. Because of our inaction and complacency, they have become corrupt to the core. It is time to step back in.

We need to start making amendments, and getting new legislature to pass, so that we can change the rules. We need to get rid of citizens united. We need to make it a crime for a politician to be bribed, or purchased. We can no longer allow them to accept donations from mega corporations who buy our representation. If a representative is caught doing this, we need to recall them, and even have them charged with the crime of treason against the people. We need to make it so that those persons can never hold office again. If our politicians know that they will be shamed, and charged with treason, they will think twice before selling out their nation to the highest bidder.

The people have had enough. It’s time to take it back! We don’t need anarchy. We don’t need to destroy our nation in order to bring back democracy. Rather, we need to restore our nation and root out the thieves of democracy. We need to take the chair out from underneath of them.

We must act with intelligence; we should have fierce spirits, and peaceful hearts, and always think how will my actions affect my fellow man. We should never take an action that we know will bring harm to our fellow man, or our nation, or the world. We share this world, we need to come together, and bring this nation back, and reclaim our honor, and dignity, reclaim what the stature of liberty stands for. We were one known as a beacon of light to the whole world.

We must make this a nation by the people for the people, we can’t make that happen by sitting by, and allowing ourselves to be victims anymore. We need to step up to the plate, we need to take action, we need to get active, and start being involved in how we are governed. They are supposed to be governing with our voice, and our will. They are not our authoritarians. That is not how it works, unless of course we let them. If we let it go any further, there will be no coming back. We have this one chance now to stop their momentum, and take our nation back.

We can use the laws and means of action, that are already in place. We can make changes from there. Once we get our foot back in the door, we can start to make real changes, and take our nation back. Let’s do this. Let us vote, let us look for, and encourage candidates, who will be true representatives, and be the true voices of the people. Lets elect people who are true human beings. We didn’t elect the corporations, they have no right to control our policies, and dictate how our nation is run. They are not the voice of the people, we are the people, this is our nation.

If we don’t vote, then the person who we don’t want to be elected, will get elected. Yes you will say why vote, our voices don’t count, they hack the elections. I will say yes, you are right. But we should vote anyways. It is our voice, at least even if our vote is rigged, at least it is our voice that got rigged, at least we made our voices heard with our vote. We need to step up our game, and force voter reforms. We must come up with a system that does not allow for our votes to be hacked, or not be counted. We need honest and fair elections, we need for every single voice in this nation to count. If we are good enough to pay taxes, or to take a bullet for our nation, then we deserve for our voice to be heard. Anyone caught hacking or rigging the elections should be charged with treason!

We need to change how votes are counted, we need to make it so every single vote is counted. We need to get rid of the Electoral College. That system is a destroyer of democracy, and is a thief of the true voice of the people. We can make this happen. We need to raise our voices. We should do everything in our power to enact proper voter reform. That should be our number one priority. Number two priority should be to end corruption, and the purchasing of our politicians and policies by the corporations. If we can do these two things, we will be well on our way to a true democracy.

It does not matter if the person we elect is red or blue, they are representing the people. What matters is what kind of person that representative is, not what side, or color that person stands on behalf of. What matters are the values, of that person. That person needs to be held accountable. We must do it starting with our representatives. If all of us did it throughout the entire nation, it is then, that we could take it back. They will be our voice, and our vote, and changes will start to happen.

Lets change things. We will no longer allow thieves of democracy to steal our voice. We must be our own democracy and our own voice. We must stand up and take action starting today. Lets take our nation back!

We do not need resistance, we need participation! We do not need revolution, we need evolution!