I had this silly dream that I met my future self, and she had a message for me. My future self said, “Don’t be greedy”. Of all the messages in the world that I could give myself, you would think I would have revealed the winning lottery numbers. I must admit the dream was pretty silly, and I know this dream was just some strange subconscious rambling. Or perhaps it was my own mind, telling me not to be greedy, in some scrambled way.

It really got me thinking. What if we really could time travel, go back in time, and give ourselves a message? What would it be? For instance, if you could go back in time and talk to your younger self, and relay one important message, just what would you say? It takes some thought, it has to be the most important thing, and we have so many things. Which message would you choose?

This whole train of thought led me to further contemplation. The same way that we could go back and give our self a message, we could do the same thing right now without even time traveling. Each person has the ability to just step back and take stock of their lives. We can look deeply at how we are living our lives, and find something that we can improve or change. With this method, we can become the masters of our own destiny, and we can potentially change our future through changing our current circumstances. We have more power than we realize to manifest the lives we desire.

We really don’t need a fortune teller, or a visit from our future selves. With just a small amount of introspection we can look deeply and fairly at how we are living right now. Is this really what I want to be doing right now? Is this really how I want to live my life? Am I happy with how I am relating with others? We might find that the answer is, “Yes, my life is exactly the way I want it to be”. But most people aren’t that lucky, most of us have something about ourselves we would like to change, to make our lives, and those around us, different.

You never know what moment you’ll experience, or what small choice you make, that could alter the entire course of your destiny. Each moment of our lives determines what the next moment will bring about, and we never quite know what the next moment will bring us in our lives. Each moment we experience matters, and who knows what effect will be produced just by walking past a stranger on the street?

Every encounter we have slightly changes our perspective and world view. There are small and subtle moments that change our lives in incremental ways that we don’t even notice. Then there are big noticeable moments that are hard to miss. With the bigger moments, the impact on our lives is so large, you can’t help but be aware of them. But the small moments should not be discounted, those seemingly insignificant moments build upon one another, and over time become the substance of the way we view the world, and ultimately live our lives.

If we are aware of how we are shaped by all of the encounters in our life, we can begin to have purposeful encounters, making conscious changes in our life. Depending on the depth of our personal insight, we can be the masters of our own destiny, shaping our lives to our own design. It puts us in the drivers’ seat of our destiny. It gives us the ability to influence our own mind and actions, the consequences of which are our future.

With honest self-evaluation, we can examine the way we see the world. How does what we think and how we act have an impact on the world around us? With this understanding, we can decide if the choices we make are the ones that reveal the best, or the worst of who we are, and what we want to bring into the world. We can ask ourselves with honesty, “Can we do better?”.

Can I learn to hold back before I say something hurtful to another? Did I make sure to tell someone “Thank you.”, or that “I appreciate you.”, when it was due? Can I change the way I interact with people? Most of us have a lot of little improvements that we could make. Who knows how those small changes could transform the entire course of our lives and destiny.

So, what would be my message to an earlier self? It’s really not too difficult now that I have thought it through. Take a good, clear look at my own tendencies. Have an honest self-reflection while I am communicating with others. With the insights gained from this purposeful awareness, strive to be better. When I do, it will make me better, and the world around me a better place as well. What else could be more important, considering we are all in this together?

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