Celebrate everyday

Every single day that we have is a gift. All of us have a limited number of days. For certain one day we will no longer be here in our form. What a miracle it is that my heart is beating. What a gift! What a miracle it is that I can see. What a miracle it is that I can breathe with these lungs. What a miracle it is if I still have those who I love in my life.

Some people celebrate Christmas, or Valentines day, or Birthdays, or anniversaries. They use this as a day to spend time with, and celebrate those they love. But honestly what if that next holiday never comes?

Don’t waste a single day. Treat every day as though it is worthy of celebration, make every day a holiday, a celebration of life. If you have someone you love smile with them, tell them how much you love them, often. Be kind to them, celebrate them. Treat them special and do something good for them as though it were a special day. You never know what day could be your last.

The presence of our loved ones is a gift beyond all measure. Our lives and our health are the greatest possessions we have. Without it nothing else matters in all the world. A rich man will trade all of his possessions for a chance at one more day.

Some people search for happiness in things or having more. But all of us have all we need to be happy. If you have health and loved ones then there is nothing greater in all of the world that could bring you happiness.

All of us have been sick before. How many have ever been sick to the point of death? Or, just in extreme pain and misery? But then you recovered. Do you remember what it felt like when you got better? Just being and breathing was so wonderful, the greatest joy. Even something like a terrible headache, can make you have a deep appreciation for non pain. Once the headache lifts you just breathe with all of your being and feel relief and enjoy the moment of non suffering. Then your mind forgets and you get captivated once again in the stream of the mind.

We already have all that we need to be happy. If you were to lose your health or your loved ones you would see it clearly. Don’t wait, time doesn’t wait. Today you have one more chance to breathe and to love. You have one more chance to live. Today is the most precious thing we have. Not tomorrow or the day after that, but today.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful day. I hope that you bask in the presence of someone you love, and share a smile that is reborn into their hearts. I hope you all have warmth and love and kindness, and appreciative joy. These are some of the greatest things we can have. They are the things that money cant buy, they are priceless.

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