All around the world the spirit of Christmas magic is descending upon the earth. One by one, the warmth, joy and magic is spreading from heart to heart. This Christmas spirit that we feel, has been passed on to us, from all who came before. The love has traveled forward in time to the present and is all around us. The care of those who came before us is alive and well, it is something we can see, feel, and experience. The magic, and love is a living energy, that has never died out. It is a flame that burns bright being passed on from heart to heart.

Our Christmas memories are alive and vivid, made of all the Christmases of the past. We feel the joy and the magic of memories from long long ago, they burn bright in our hearts, and minds. The whole world comes together to share in this spirit.

It is the coldest darkest time of year, out of that darkness people find the light in their hearts, and they take that light and make it a reality in the world around them. Lights are hung, candles are lit, bows are decorated, and trees shine bright. Songs of joy, and kindness fill the air. Smells of sweets, and goodies are everywhere. The spirit of Christmas, is a time where we take what would be a dark time, and we find the brightness that shines in our hearts, and we look to the goodness, and kindness, and celebrate our togetherness.

Even for those who are alone, you are not really alone, because the whole world is sharing the spirit of Christmas, all you have to do is feel it, and you will be in the company of the kindness, and love, that is pouring out of hearts all around the world. And for those who long for loved ones, we are the living continuations of all who came before us. The hearts of those who we love, were born into ours, and have become part of who we are. If we know how to look we will feel them with us still. The power of love, and kindness, are the greatest things there are. Love is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is love that fuels the spirit of Christmas.

May all beings near and far feel the love and joy that the spirit of Christmas brings.

Merry Christmas to all.

Here is a magical Christmas playlist, to play click here.

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