In this moment we are alive. We do not know what day or moment, will be our last. But for now in this moment we are still alive. We have this moment, where we have this precious chance to touch deeply, this present moment that we find ourselves in.

Our body and mind and consciousness are timeless, ageless, they are flowing onward in an infinite stream of life. We are made of all that is. We are made from the entire universe.

The universe is expressing itself in the form you and me. We are what the stars look like in the form of a person. We are what the sunshine looks like in the form of a person. We are what the ocean looks like in the form of a person. We are the earth, we are the whole cosmos. We are the expression of life. And the expression of life is in constant flux, always flowing from one form to another. Nothing in the whole universe is ever lost. It just flows in constant transformation.

In this moment the entire cosmos is breathing with our lungs, and seeing with our eyes. How will we choose to use an expression such as this? This moment is a gift beyond all measure. Life is precious, life is fragile.

Sometimes we get caught, we worry about the past, or the future, but this moment is all there ever is. We get caught in ideas like us, and them, or borders. But these things are not real, they do not exist. They are things that only exist in the mind of man. In reality there is no space where one thing does not flow into another. Your self is not separate from my self. Our bodies are made from the same universe, and there is nowhere that you can find a separation. The only separation that exists anywhere, is in the mind. Separation is an idea, much like time. Our true nature is beyond all ideas or conception. But our true nature is self evident, there is no place that it does not exist, but at the same time no place where you can find it.

We are expressing the truth in every moment. We are the expression of the whole.

You give something a designation, a name. Like an apple. You say this is an apple. But try to find the appleness of the apple. Break it down to it’s sum of parts, and the apple cannot be found. You will see that there is soil, sun, rain, air, you will find that the apple is made of all that is, It is the entire universe in the form of what we would call apple. We have given it a designation but the truth of the apple cannot be uttered, because it is made of all that is. Everything in the universe is like this.

How will we choose to use this precious gift that we call life? Born from the mind, we create a world with borders and designations. But looking from the eyes of truth you will find no such thing.

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