Our Civil Liberties are under threat more than ever before. No longer is the dystopian Orwellian future the topic of conspiracy. Pre crime is about to take front stage. While we are busily involved in fighting one another over the charade of impeachment, silently in the background and without a word from the media, laws are being passed, deals are being made, technological advancements are being feverishly worked on, that will remove our freedoms and infringe upon our civil liberties like never before.

If you care about your nation, If you care about the constitution, If you care about your freedoms, you might want to pay attention. This is the most serious topic that I have ever covered. This is something that we as a society must collectively fight against with everything we have.

If we silently submit, we will walk into a future that none of us wants to be in. The time to stand against this is now. How do we stand? We must stand with our voice. Share this with everyone you know. Spread the knowledge, spread the outrage. Demand this be halted in its tracks! Contact your representatives, contact the President. Let your voice be heard. We are not consenting to the loss of our liberties. We do not consent to the loss of our freedoms!

Please take the time to read all of the links I provide, for anyone who is a writer I have compiled a bread crump path for you to follow, spread the word.

History & Intent

18 years ago on 9-11 our nation faced an act of terror. After this terrible day, our nation was in the grip of fear. Because of this fear we willingly surrendered our privacy and civil liberties.

When we first learned that our phone calls were being recorded, we raised our voices. But as time went on it wasn’t just our phone calls being recorded but our every waking moment, after a while we just stopped complaining about it as it slowly became integrated into our lives. Fusion centers and data collection centers as big as cities propped up all over our nation. Soon every keystroke we typed was recorded. Every digital device in our homes even our televisions were recording our every word at all times. Because of fear, we allowed our civil liberties to be taken away bit by bit.

A child born today will not have known what it is like to live in a free world. When we were children, we didn’t have to worry about being recorded, we had total privacy. What we did in the privacies of our own homes was only known to us, and us alone. But now our most intimate conversations are recorded and stored. We have to watch what we say even behind closed doors. We no longer have the freedom to just be who we are, without worrying that what we say in our own home might one day be used against us. Those of us who were born further back in time have had the experience of freedom, but the children of today can’t even imagine it.

The younger generations are more willing to accept this new world of total surveillance. But that is only because they don’t know what they are losing, because they have never had the freedom that we once had. It is much easier for them to give up what they can’t fathom. But those of us who have known what it means to live a life of freedom, find it much harder to accept. We understand exactly what we have lost.

Our world is currently in a race to see who will be the first to build the AI, you hear world leaders say whoever is first to create a True AI, will rule the world. It’s not only Vladimir Putin that we hear ringing these words. Our very own leaders, are parroting and working on this same agenda. Our nation is running full speed ahead with this plan. So far this agenda is unchecked and the people of this nation seem to have no say in the matter. In February of 2019 this year Trump signed an executive order to spur US investment in Artificail intelligence. In 2018 the Department of Defense released a summary of Artificial intelligence strategy, called harnessing the AI to advance our security and prosperity. DARPA is currently leading the way on AI innovations.

We have to ask ourselves, where are we headed with all of this? At the same time that we are working feverishly on the creation of a true AI, we are also collecting mass data. Data collection is the new gold rush. Why is our digital information so valuable? We have to wonder? They aren’t collecting this information for no reason. If it wasn’t profitable, it wouldn’t be being harvested with such fervor.

The companies who collect our data have come to the conclusion that we are ok with having our data harvested and that our using of their services shows that we are accepting and consenting to the harvesting of all of our information. Perhaps they are right, have we surrendered our civil liberties into their hands, while they make untold amounts of money off of the most intimate and private parts of our lives?

Think about every time you have ever clicked a like button on the internet, or every time you clicked on a story, or looked up something for information. Every single click is building a story of exactly who you are. The AI will know you better than you now yourself. Even now predictive analytics are being tested on us to see if they can predict accurately what we will click next. Have you ever gone to look something up and it is already there? When we use it, we are training the Ai to perfect its task. For now this is used for marketing purposes. But what about tomorrow? We are already in the early stages of using these predictive analytics to detect future crime. It Is being used as we speak.

In 2003 a program called Total Information Awareness was initiated by the United States in the fight against terrorism. It was based on the concept of predictive policing, by gathering all data both on and offline. Congress defunded this program because it was being used against the citizens. Even though it was defunded and the office dismantled. The programs were just handed off to other Government agencies, and are still being used against the population to this day.

Current actions taken most recently

What we need to be aware of is the pattern that clearly shows the direction our leaders are taking us in. In April of 2017 Trump signed into law the internet privacy repeal. This removed consumers rights to how their data would be used and harvested. This gave the companies total control of how to harvest and utilize customers data. This new law is a clear violation of our privacy and civil liberties.

The second troubling move was made in January of 2018 when the NSA internet surveillance program was renewed. This program is for spying on foreign agents, but as often happens Americans information is scooped up in the process. Privacy advocates say it allows the NSA and other intelligence agencies to grab data belonging to Americans in a way that represents an affront to the US Constitution.

Recently in August of 2019 the Trump administration asked congress to reauthorize the NSA’s Deactivated calls records program, it is a domestic spying program used on our own citizens. After 9-11 our Gov was illegally spying on their own citizens. In 2013 Edward Snowden revealed the existence of the program. Our Gov then passed it into law making the spying of it’s own citizens legal. This program is set to expire in December but Trump is asking that it be made permanent.

A very worrisome endeavor by the administration is a new agency called HARPA that Trump is seeking to put together that would use AI to screen subjects for mental health issues for gun ownership. The troubling aspect is that they will determine who has the potential for violence and is mentally fit by data collected through their smart devices. For now it is said that all who provide information will do so voluntarily. But that is for now. We don’t know where these technologies will lead and what kind of abuses there will be in the future.

In August of 2019 after a slew of mass shootings. Trump was heavily criticized after he said we need to start locking people up. He said we need to bring back the institutions. The real kicker is who is deemed mentally ill enough to be locked up? Is it also the person who has panic attacks, or a person who questions authority? Or a person who believes in conspiracies, or is against government wrong doing? It is my opinion that not everyone who has a mental illness is dangerous. It’s absurd to make a blanket statement saying we should lock up mentally ill people. What the public hasn’t talked about is that, this is not a new concept for Donald Trump. Long before he ever became President he spoke of this idea of locking up the mentally ill. It would seem that he is stating this just because of the mass shootings, but actually it is a long held view of his. He wants to remove certain people from society. They are doing something very similar to what he is calling for, in China as we speak.

It’s not only the mentally ill that the current administration wants to lock up in facilities but also the homeless. Trump wants to get rid of homelessness by placing the homeless in government run facilities. While on the way to a speaking event in California he said he would create an individual taskforce to deal with this issue. He didn’t provide any further details. This should be alarming to all of us. When we start locking up our own citizens in camps because they may be homeless, or because they may have a mental illness, then we are crossing a red line. If we allow ourselves to cross this line there may be no coming back.

The US recently accused China of using concentration camps against the Muslim minority, we accused them of imprisoning 3 million people. While we are condemning them for locking people in camps our administration is working towards locking it’s own citizens in camps such as these. Consider this, the US has a population of nearly 550K homeless people, and a mentally ill population nearing 43 million. If we put all of these people in government facilities that would be nearly 43.5 million people in camps. For perspective that is 14.5 times more people than China currently has in their facilities.

Who else will be put in these camps? Who among us will be considered as unacceptable members of society? This is something that we should consider carefully. We need to take a clear honest look as to where we are headed with all of this. Is our nation edging closer to an Orwellian lock down?

As we speak in 6 states across the Midwest, the Military is currently testing high altitude solar powered balloons allowing the pentagon to conduct continuous surveillance on it’s own citizens. An FCC filing was made explaining that the craft are being designed to provide “persistence surveillance systems to locate and deter narcotics trafficking, and homeland security threats”. There are concerns among civil rights activists who suggest surveillance operations will necessarily collect large amounts of data on citizens going about their day to day lives.

What will we do when total surveillance is implemented? Attorney William Barr is asking for encryption to be designed with a back door for Police access. The Director of Cyber security has warned that we can’t make a back door that only the good guys can go through. William Barr along with others, have asked Facebook to give authorities a way to read encrypted messages form ordinary users.

In August of this year Trump called on the DOJ to work with Social Media companies to identify mass shooters. You have to consider what this means. This is not merely a tip from a family member or friend to alert the authorities. This suggests that all of our information will be subject to surveillance, violating our civil rights.

As we speak the current administration is calling for implementing pre-crime tactics and surveillance against our own citizens. William Barr said we would use early engagement tactics On October 16th, he sent out a Memorandum to all United States Attorney’s, All heads of Department Components, and all Law Enforcement Agencies. What was most worrisome in this memorandum is his talk of the use of early engagement tactics that the new program would utilize, were born of posture we adopted with respect to terrorist threats. It is suggested that mass surveillance and the use of algorithms to analyze bulk data for vaguely defined symptoms of mental illness will be used. Individuals, who are deemed violent or of a terroristic threat before they commit a crime, will be subject to detention, court ordered mental health treatment, and or substance abuse counseling. These are the same exact excuses that China is currently using. They are stating that they are getting to these people before they commit a crime and reforming them.

Will we allow ourselves to be subjected to total surveillance for our own protection?

The current administration is going full ahead with this agenda. Just yesterday he signed an executive order, ordering William Barr to establish a new commission to study causes of crime, and policing practices. They will have a one year study to see what they would like to implement and what works best. Some of the issues they will be studying are as follows:

1) Increase respect for law.

2) Challenges to law enforcement associated with mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse, and other social factors that influence crime and strain criminal justice resources.

3) The need to promote public respect for the law & law enforcement officers.

4) The use of targeted deterrence approaches to reduce violent crime.

5) New and developing methodologies, technologies, and best practices for combating criminal activity, delinquency, and public disorder.

It seems to me that there is somewhat of a theme, and an obvious agenda taking form. It is also noteworthy to mention that Representative Will Hurd of Texas will not be seeking re-election. He will step down from congress to serve our nation in a different way, here is a quote in his own words.

“We are in a geopolitical competition with China to have the world’s most important economy. There is a global race to be the leader in artificial intelligence, because whoever dominates AI will rule the world. We face growing cyberattacks every day. Extreme poverty, lack of economic opportunity and violence in Central America is placing unbearable pressure on our borders. While Congress has a role in these issues, so does the private sector and civil society.

After reflecting on how best to help our country address these challenges, I have made the decision to not seek reelection for the 23rd Congressional District of Texas in order to pursue opportunities outside the halls of Congress to solve problems at the nexus between technology and national security.”

Keep in mind that when Rep Will Hurd says whoever dominates AI will rule the world, does not sound like a statement of freedom and civil liberties, but one of total domination.

Pre-crime has been implemented in our nation quietly for some time now. Back in 2013 Chicago took flack for a heat list they compiled. An algorithm identified 400 persons who were deemed a threat and all of them were being watched and surveilled. That original list of 400 people soon grew to 5,000. Keep in mind these are people who have not yet committed a crime. There were a wide range of cases of abuse, including torture. Of course Chicago is a testing ground. They are a hot bed of crime, no one will buck when it is used on them. But what about when they extend those practices to the rest of this nation, then what? Consider it well, because it is already being used. We are lied to, being told that the loss of our civil liberties is the protection of them.

DARPA and the Pentagon are seeking AI to uncover enemy thoughts. But just what are those enemy thoughts? Who is the enemy?

Consider the fact that just the other day Google announced quantum supremacy, we are running full speed ahead into uncharted territory. China is ahead of us, as they are already implementing this Orwellian system on their own citizens sparking civil unrest. Will we wait until it is too late before we stand up against this new system? It is coming faster than a freight train, our civil liberties are at risk of erosion. We are already using pre-crime on our own citizens, how much further will we take it? How far will we let them go? At what point will it be that they have gone too far? We don’t need civil war to stop this, we just need to stand up. We need to not consent in silence. We must stand up against this before it is too late. It is being implemented now! There is no time to waste. Study this well, put the pieces together, and decide for yourself.

We see a repeating theme in the reasons that they state for the AI,it is for our protection, and security and our prosperity. Protection from who, is what we should all be asking? If it is protection from an outside source then why are they using it on us?

Lastly I will leave you with a video playlist that I have compiled. This list shows how these things I mentioned above are already happening in China.

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